The 5 signs that tell you that you should change careers


Apr 8, 2021

If there is a crucial stage in the life of any young person, it is that of choosing the career they want to pursue, not only because this decision will condition the next years of study, but also because depending on the choice the professional future will also be marked. That is why choosing well is essential, but it is not always easy and many times we choose a career that does not satisfy us, that does not fill us, or that we simply do not like, and we want to change. But how do I know when the time has come to change careers and how should I face such an important decision? In this post, we explain it to you so that the process is easier and the results are optimal.


When should I change careers? 

Changing careers is not easy at all, since we are talking about starting from scratch and completely changing our study plans and times. However, if you notice these 5 signs, you must dare to take the step to feel fulfilled and not end up working on something you do not like! 

1. You are not motivated by any subject to write my paper:  if you have already passed the first year of your degree and still there is no subject that you like or motivate you, surely the career you have chosen is not your vocation. This is a sign that there is nothing in your career that interests you, so maybe you should start thinking about taking another path. 

2. Outside of class you do not want to know anything about your career:  if you never want to talk about what you are studying, or get informed, or you are not curious to read about it or follow professionals in the field, then most likely you don't like your training. 

3. The results do not accompany you:  if you do nothing but study, study, and study but do not get the results you want, you will surely end up frustrated and increasingly unmotivated. This is another good indication that perhaps the degree you are studying is not the best for you. 

4. You feel an emptiness inside of you:  if every time you have to go to class, study, or do a job you feel an emptiness, a mixture of demotivation, disappointment, and laziness, and you just want to finish to be able to think about something else, there is something that doesn't work. Could it be that studying something else would make you happier?

5. You spend time researching other things that have nothing to do with your career:  if you really like an area of ​​knowledge that has nothing to do with your studies and you spend a lot of time researching, chances are that this is your true vocation and it's time to change careers. 


How should I change careers?

If you have already thought deeply about it and think that the career you chose to study is not for you, the first thing you should ask yourself is:  what career do you really want to undertake?  To decide, take your time:  read, learn, try things, be clear about what motivates you and when you know it… choose! Keep in mind that this process may take some time, but it will be worth it because you will not be wrong again and this time you will be able to choose a career that really fulfills you and makes you happy. We know that this period can be hard, especially because you surely feel pressure from your environment; However, the important thing is to move forward with confidence and be clear that changing careers is not failing. 

The second step that you must take once you have chosen what new career you want to pursue is to inform yourself: read the study plan, find out what professionals in the field do,  what career opportunities you could have, what skills you need to succeed.


When you are sure that you know what you want, you just have to sign up for your new career! To do this, you should talk to your new university in case there are requirements or entrance exams to take or, if you are going to start a different career at the same university, find out how to transfer your file. 

So now you know, if you think you should change careers, give yourself some time to think and if you decide what is best for you, take the step. You will see how you will appreciate it!