How does a PMP Certification help to boost your career?


Jul 17, 2021

Every professional wants to be a PMP Certified Project Manager these days. Some say it is easy to grab a PMP certification, others say it is a very complex task!


With the right PMP certification training, students tend to pass the PMP examination. What is essential - is to understand the entire PMP structure and exam framework, building clarity on major concepts, and fulfilling all of the exam requirements - theoretical and practical.


Thus, we understand the importance of getting a PMP credential. If you want to be a leader of your team and process cost-effective and successful projects in any organization, at any level then, a PMP certification is a must.


PMP course - Adding value to your professional career


The PMP certification training can boost your career at the workplace.


What is the best part? The PMP certification can be taken online. It is the best fit for working professionals. The online certification allows for joining a course, irrespective of the physical location of the professionals.


How does PMP boost your career?


  • Organization of career

A PMP certification allows for the proper planning and arrangement of careers. Before, taking up the PMP certification and training, the candidate or the professional has already made a plan in his/her mind.


The professionals that opt-in for a PMP certificate is already working, and hence they have a better idea about how will they use it to organize company projects and deals, or on the other hand, they have a minimum work experience.


Whatever might be the case, they know how to utilize the PMP certification in the best manner possible and feasible!


Thus, a PMP certification clears the path of a professional and steers him/her in the right professional path and direction. Now the professional knows his line of expertise.


  • Enhancement of the quality of work

PMP is a hard certification. When you crack it, you already have added a gem to your resume/portfolio.


It offers you a deep understanding and learning of both hard and soft skills that are required to take a high-level position in a firm or an IT organization.


Thus, a PMP certification improves and refines the quality of work you produce in front of your employer and head.


Your efficiency and effectiveness may be brightly visible in the project work you do, or the report that you may submit at the end of the quarter or year.


  • Adds management skills


The PMP certification is a high-standard credential. It builds on professionals’ fundamental project management skills. Besides, it enhances various other project management processes, tools, and techniques, and helps individuals work on project methodologies.


As PMP is the topmost certification in management today, it boosts the management skills of professionals.


This is readily visible while they assist in a particular project or work on it an entire year. As PMP works on theoretical concepts in a well-oriented manner, it strengthens vital subject areas in business management studies.


  • Makes you a leader in your field

Certification in PMP complies with the fact that a professional is a master in looking after the bigger and small company projects. S/he can start with the project and end it a better way, by satisfying the immediate clients.


Also, it signifies that you are capable enough to boost productivity, and lead towards a superior performance at the workplace.


Thus, the certification gives you everything you need to be a leader at your workplace.


An employer demands more profits with amplified productivity and high yield. A project manager with a PMP certification has the potential to make its team touch targets much more before the estimated time.


  • Makes you an all-rounder

            When you earn the worth, the value, you are seen as an all-rounder.


The task of the project manager is to complete projects, within the time limit and with the highest cost-efficiency possible.


Hence, s/he has to work as a budget planner, monitor the entire progress of the project, keep third-party entertained and updated, and thus, look at all of the available resources to make a project a success.


  • Boosts promotion or a hike

In comparison to a non-certified project manager, you can earn up to a 20% salary hike. Other than this, a PMP-certified individual can also ask for direct promotion to another high-paying post.


  • Increase in a salary package

Yes, you get better pays. They are not only high, but they also promise career fixity without fear of career change or any sudden joblessness that may occur due to certain random factors.


The average salary of PMP may shoot up to $140, 000. In many countries, professionals get paid up to $15,000 per annum.


  • The way for a new job opportunity

After a PMP credential, you have many lucrative opportunities waiting for you in almost all domains - be it commerce, arts, or science.


Every industry looks for a manager who can create, and manage cost-effective, budgeted, and successful projects and bring in a pool of wealth and money to the business.

These are some of the highest-paying jobs that you get today -


    •  Engineering project management professional
    • Pharmaceutical project management professional
    • Aerospace project management professional
    • Resources project management professional
    • Consulting project management professional


  • Makes you saleable

PMP certification training automatically adds a star to your CV/resume and makes you more marketable in the industry.


When you add a PMP credential after your name, companies tend to pick you up directly to serve them with the best packages in the managerial industry.



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