Touching the Clouds from Lotte World Tower's Seoul Sky

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Apr 16, 2019

If you're seeking a great vantage point from where to observe Seoul’s impressive skyline, the Seoul Sky Observatory on the 117th and 123rd floors of the Lotte World Tower possesses exactly what you’re looking for. Located at the very top of Lotte Tower, Seoul Sky is the highest observation deck in Korea, providing everyone with an incredible 360-degree view of the city and surrounding metropolitan area. The Seoul Sky Deck has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest glass-floor observation deck and also as the world’s third highest observation deck.



How to Get to Lotte Tower and Seoul Sky

You can get to Lotte World Tower by taking Seoul Metro Line 2 or Line 8 and getting off at Jamsil station. From Jamsil station Exit 1 or 2, walk in the direction of Lotte World Department Store.


Lotte World Tower is on the other side of the department store so you can either walk through it until the end or walk around it outside to reach the entrance of the tower.

Once you enter Lotte World Tower, go to the B1F to find the Seoul Sky Entrance. 

Walk over to the ticket office where you can purchase Adult and Child tickets. If you pre-ordered your ticket, show your voucher or QR code to the staff to redeem it for a paper ticket.  


The ticket office opens 10 minutes before operating hours and admission is allowed until one hour before closing hours. 


The ticket line is quite long especially during weekends and public holidays so I'd definitely recommend that you buy tickets online beforehand so that you're not stuck waiting.





After receiving your ticket, you'll need to present it to other staff and be guided to a dimly-lit hallway that will lead you towards “Sky Shuttle”, Seoul Sky's exhilarating elevator. Only 500 entrants are accepted into the observation deck during 30-minute time slots, which means that depending on how busy it is that day if there are fewer people you could get to go up to the observatory early but if there's more you will have to wait for a while in the hallway. So in order to cut down part of the waiting process, come with your ticket already bought and skip that line at least!



  • If you pre-order online, you can visit the ticket office and make a reservation for a specific timeslot on your schedule ticket date (e.g. Visit the office at 10 am, and make a reservation for 6 pm)


The walls and ceilings of the hallway are lined with LCD displays projecting mosaics designs and shifting colors that illuminate it as you walk through it. It keeps you entertained while you wait. 


At the end of the hallway, stands the “Sky Shuttle”, the tower’s elevator which will transport you between its 123 floors. The Sky Shuttle is the world's first double-deck elevator featuring monitors on the ceiling and each wall. During the ride, all four walls of the shuttle display a virtual panoramic depiction of the construction of Lotte Tower against the backdrop of its surrounding landscape before exploding into a celestial burst of colors as the shuttle reaches its first main stop, the “Observation Deck” on the 117th floor.  








Observation Decks

From the main observation deck, you can witness and marvel at the immense size and architectural complexity of Seoul’s cityscape. If you’re lucky to have sunny weather, you can get a clear view of the Han River, Lotte World Amusement Park, Namsan mountain and Namsan Seoul Tower, and other iconic landmarks.



If you’re in the company of family or friends, or even by yourself you could commemorate your visit by taking photos at the photo zone located on this floor or the B1, 118th, and 120th floors and pick up the prints on the B1 or 120th floors.
To further your viewing experience, you should move up to the 118th floor by escalator to see the “Sky Deck”. A portion of the floor in the Sky Deck is transparent glass.
If you aren’t terribly frightened of heights, try standing on the glass. When you look down, you'll see Seoul’s urban landscape with its vehicular and pedestrian traffic, 478 meters below. While standing on the highest glass-floor observation deck, you will be able to experience the thrilling feeling of floating in the sky as the glass-floor constantly changes from opaque to clear.
The “Sky Terrace” is the next floor to check-out after the Sky Deck and can be reached by taking the escalator up to the 120th floor.  After enjoying an indoor view of the cityscape, you will finally have a chance to stand in an outdoor terrace, 486 meters above ground level, feeling the cool breeze while viewing the majestic panoramic view of Seoul!



Before boarding the sky shuttle again and heading back down to the lobby, you should take one last escalator ride up to the 121st floor, to visit the "Seoul Sky Shop" which sells souvenir postcards, diaries, miniatures and the most popular item, sleek snow-globes with Lotte World Tower inside.


Lotte Tower

Seoul Sky is inside Lotte World Tower and is part of the larger Lotte World entertainment complex containing an amusement park,  Korea’s biggest aquarium, a world-class shopping mall, art museum, concert hall, and cinema. So after the observatory viewing experience, you should definitely explore and enjoy the rest of Lotte World's entertainment facilities!







Before you leave the tower, why not spend a calming but pleasant time at the Lotte Aquarium in the basement floor.  The aquarium has more than 650 kinds of sea life from all over the world including flashlight fish, spider crabs, beluga whales, sea lions and more!




Lotte World Amusement Park

While you're in the area, why not visit Lotte World's amusement park. It's one of the best amusement parks in Korea and is packed with the most exciting rollercoasters and ride! If you have kids, they will love meeting the adorable animated characters and being entertained by them.  





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