How to Unlock Different Tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Apr 6, 2021

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are various ACNH items used as tools in the game, but you have to unlock them.  


How can you unlock the axe? 
You will be able to pick up your first weapon on your first day. You just have to talk to Tom Nook in his tent and find a few different insects and fish to help him expand his company. After getting in touch with him, you are able to choose from a short statement that says you discovered a creature. He gives you a “do-it-it-yourself” recipe to make a makeshift Axe, in return for donating two animals. The person who set up the Nook account will donate items to the team; only the main account holder (the one who created the team) is responsible for giving money to Nook. You will need the primary account holder to finish five total contributions before you will be able to make any real progress. 


How can you unlock the watering can?
To get the watering can open, simply tilt the dog on its side, then press down on the handle on both sides with the pinched end of a pair of tongs. 


How can you unlock the vaulting pole?
Whenever you give Tom Nook something, be sure to expand his area. At this point, you'll have approved at least four other donors, so he'll hand you the watering can for the Flimsy Flowerpot, which is particularly good for watering plants. 

First, climb to the elevator. Once you've climbed the elevator, use the Vaulting Pole, press use to move to position the Shovel. As soon as you have donated the necessary number of fish or bugs to Tom Nook, he will invite his buddy Blathers the Owl to your island. The next day, when Blathers arrives in his tent, engage him in conversation and he will divulge both the identity of the Vaulting Pole and the Weak-Bladed Shovel. The use of the Growing Poles helps you to fly to places you usually cannot reach with other means, including the backside of your island. In addition to using the shovel to uncover fossilized pieces, you can use it to move soil that has been cracked or stirred up and search for additional pieces (which you can donate to Blathers). Therefore, the vaulting pole can't keep you, therefore you don't have to be afraid of being stuck on the other side of a river. 


The process of upgrading your tools 
then you'll be ready to upgrade to better "Flimsy" tools if you” was “fed up” using them Go and talk to Tom Nook to get some bells from the Automatic Bell Dispenser (ABD) in the corner of his tent. Once you have decided that you want to redeem your Nook Balance, select the Nook Miles redemption option. When you want to go with one of the others, it's Pretty Decent Tools' methods, you must pay 3,000 Nook a mile. It will include item updates for your Axe, Shovel, Hoe, and Net as well as several new goodies to make it even better! In terms of their design, these modern tools, can be expected to be much more reliable and last longer, but be more costly to make. 


You should treat these tools the same as your baseline tools, except for the following: most of these tools perform similarly, but a few have minor differences. It's more robust, but not quite as strong as the Flimsy, meaning it's less likely to break. A few swings can completely cut the trees down with the Axe, as well as being a useful tool for collecting wood and creating firewood, but don't use it for anything but firewood-collecting. 


Using the following method, you can unlock the Ladder 
The last big gadget that can be unlocked is the Ladder. You'll be asked to build three new housing locations on your island after a few days, if you have a few left After you have put the designs and gone over them, you can get the Ladder recipe. through using the Ladder, you will be able to scale the cliffs on your island. The Vaulting Pole won't collapse, so you have nothing to fear if you happen to get stuck. 


Even with good enough ACNH DIY recipes will yield a long expand: even with the “Okay” designs, you” break tools frequently To get a better repertoire of recipes, what is your next step? That's a fair point! we don't know at this time After all of the 30 days of gameplay time that you've already put into the Cranny Tool, we can confirm that the shop will gradually expand (by adding new tool designs). I'm curious, however, to know if these resources that you've been using since Day 1 are just as strong as "really fine" or better than those you had earlier. The next steps we have planned are to take are to find better resources and to keep this one up to date once we find them.


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