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Jul 15, 2021

It is very important to tie up all the business process together in such a way that the business improve and expand efficiently at rapid speed for the success in the business. B2B is latest trend of doing business where there is business to business transaction take place like manufacture to wholesaler or wholesaler to retailer etc. today this B2B business is mushrooming like anything which is helping the consumers in providing lots of options for a single product from where the client can choose the best product.

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At present time where you want to do your all work with your smart phone, either it is internet accessing or browsing any social networking website, checking email etc. so it is very important for the B2B software development website with responsive design so that the user can access your site on mobiles, tabs etc. It is very important for B2B business to have responsive design to be successful in the market. You put great content with great visuals like photos, videos so that your website looks great, but when you open the website on smart phone or tablets all your content and visuals scattered in such a way that it does not give the proper information about the website and to rectify this problem we uses responsive design with HTML5 for a B2B website. Mobile marketing is very important for the B2B business.

One of the basic points you have to keep in your mind while developing B2B website is to put excellent content on the website with great visual presentation of the products i.e. pictures and videos. Due to highly competitive market in B2B business it is very important to show your product in such a way that it attracts the user to mobile application development company in such a way that the user gets all the information of the product on one click. There should be one system where a client can compare the different products so that the user doesn’t get confused while buying something.

These are the some points which will help you in attracting more and more customers towards your website.

Improved Navision

Navision has launched its new version NAV  with some new and exciting features, which made Navision more users friendly. Now Smart phone and Tab users can use the services of NAV from anywhere, this feature has given a great relief to the (small and mid-size) users, now they can use the services at fullest.

Navision has integrated Microsoft word with NAV , which means the users can use Microsoft word to manage all the reports of Navision. This feature is a great help to all the users as most people are familiar with Microsoft Word, this helps all the users to create the report even the users to software development firm can customize the reports according to their convenience.

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Navision provides a bunch of simplified UX, which consists of the following:-

  • Navision has set range for all the objects i.e. within 13XX.
  • Especially for small business a new role center 9022 is being made.
  • There are more than 60 simplified pages.

Now the user can have limited data access, as NAV has given access according to hierarchy in the organization. Now users will get more visual data with auto filled data, improved business intelligence dashboard and automatic “Total Amount” display on every purchase and sales document.

NAV has integrated all the organization with the Banks in such a way that the users can easily convert bank statements into to business it support services data and upload it into database. It has improved the Payment export; NAV verifies and gives conformation of VAT registration number.

NAV has also integrated office 365, which enhance the usability to make solution easily; integration with office 360 gives the freedom to all the users to work seamlessly and effortlessly. It also simplified email messaging. NAV has also come up with more visibility; you can use different color and images to highlight as key performance indicator.

NAV is cost effective and it has enhanced its features to optimize performance and provide more convenient way to upgrade and automate. Microsoft Dynamics Navision becomes more user friendly with much improved features.


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