How to activate and use Google Chat


Jul 15, 2021

Real-time collaborative chat is the popular way of communication at the present time and has very well been demonstrated by the apps like Slack. Google, inspired by Slack is now set to bring the two new features from its corporate Workplace app suite, Chat, and Rooms, embedded into the Gmail app.

With Google Chat updated in your apps you can hold chats between friends, and groups, both formal as well as informal. The conversation may take place between two or many people at once using Google calls for a group conversation. Google Room can be used via a separate space as in many other apps. 

Google says that Google Chat will enable two or more people to chat together with no formalities, such as fixing a lunch meeting by creating a group conversation among your friends. The conversation, once over, it’s done.

The Google Room may be used for long-term conversations. The Rooms are given specific names and they remain available for people to join in or exit as per their choices, they can share files and set out notifications. There is also a facility to create rooms within the rooms. It is usually meant for work projects, party planning, and other such activities where the conversations may keep going for over the course of time.

Those interested in the above two features may activate Google Chat for your Gmail account. At present, it needs to be started separately both in the browser and the smartphone.

Activating Chat on the mobile app:

  • Tap to select the three-line menu at the top left corner. Go to “Settings.”
  • Tap your account to select it.
  • Tap at “General”
  • In the case of an Android mobile, check off “Show the Chat and Rooms tabs.”
  • For iPhone or iPad tap to toggle “Show the chat and rooms tab” on.
  • While using an iPhone or iPad you need to close and re-open Gmail manually so as to activate Google Chat.

Activating Chat on browser:

  • Click to select your Gmail account and choose “Settings.”
  • Go to “View all settings.”
  • In the top menu click to select “Chat and Meet.”
  • You can choose to select “Chat,” “Classic Hangouts,” and “Off.”
  • By default, Chat appears on the left side of the screen but you can choose it to appear on the right side instead.
  • Save changes.


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