Why Should We Choose Aluminum Foil


Jul 14, 2021

Many professionals know that die casting is one of the most commonly used casting processes in the industry. The aluminum die casting is utilized in all major sectors, from the most sophisticated electronics or aviation industries, to the most ordinary cars and car wheels.This article tells you the advantages of aluminum die casting, so you will know the reason why people choose it.

Why Should We Choose Aluminum Foil

The metal is extensively used, as it has particular technical characteristics: low weight (even a third of steel), electrical (second only to copper) conductivity and thermal and mechanical properties via a broad variety of alloy formation options; Resistance to atmospheric variables, flexibility, deformity, immutability when in contact with food (and practically any liquid) and the indiscriminate esthetic and aluminum quality The item has high technology evident.


We must not overlook the corrosion resistance among the properties of aluminum: Metal has a greater value compared to low-carbon steel and in certain instances even higher value than stainless steel. The ductility and ductility, in particular die-cast aluminum, enable the manufacturing of products of a range of properties appropriate for various applications, as stated above.


What is casting aluminum?
The casting process is a relatively recent technique for metal processing. At the past century, when italpres began operating in the Lumezzane plant and brought it to an industrial zone in the province of Brescia, the first die-casting machine may be identified. Also known as die casting or pressured coat casting, die casting is a unique method of permanent casting that uses high pressure to pump molten metal into the metal mold. This craft was originally created in the second part of the 19th century in the United States of America.


Aluminum die casting enables fast access to excellent finished metal components. The method consists of the metal alloy being poured into a mold, then placed under high pressure. This has some benefits which cannot be achieved through merging alone. The mold cavity is filled extremely quickly and perfectly and has a very good crystal polish. The mold plays a major part in the whole process and the mold resists high pressure and heat stress.

For items to be made using aluminum alloy, die casting is the cheapest and most efficient technique. It saves more than 50 percent of raw material expenses compared to bar processing.


The advantages of aluminum die casting

When the cost of the mold is amortized, alternative casting methods, such as sand or shell casting, are difficult to select. Find out some of the following features that make die castings competitive.

Complex forms with very low tolerances and great reproducibility
Thin, even less than 1.5 mm in certain instances

High mechanical strength

Air and fluid have no tightness and no porosity

Excellent processability

Low cost of raw material

Over time, die-cast components are more durable than plastic because they are not degraded or deformed by any kind.

Therefore the highly esthetic components are appropriate for the furniture and lighting sectors.

Different versions of the objects may be produced from the mold by changing pins or plugs.

Inserts of various materials such as screws or bushings may be molded into the casting and form part of the casting.

You can choose from a large catalog of alloys with different mechanical properties.


What surface treatments for die castings may be applied?
Die-casting parts can be subjected to various surface treatments Die-casting parts can be subjected to various surface treatments. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum, die-casting products are usually raw. Castings can also be subjected to various surface treatments, such as:

Sandblasting is mainly used to remove burrs and oily residues on castings. It is essential to prepare the surface for painting.

Tumble to ensure excellent surface finish, suitable for components with high aesthetic requirements.

Polishing is similar to tumbling, but it gives the work a shiny side. Ideal for situations where you need to avoid detail retention dust.

Anodizing is usually dark gray.



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