Flat Bed CNC Lathe


Apr 1, 2021

The flat lathe is widely used in heavy turning, with higher productivity. We can rely on flat CNC lathe equipment to obtain reliable, stable, and powerful turning functions. This paper will briefly introduce the application of flat rail CNC lathe. CNC lathe is an advanced type of lathe. It has a very different and very simple way to set up and operate the machine and also integrates very advanced methods and processes. In fact, they have now rapidly replaced earlier types of lathes in several production units and processing plants. CNC lathe is a kind of CNC machine tool which mainly uses a CNC turning tool to turn the rotating body workpiece. CNC lathe can be divided into horizontal and vertical two categories. Among them, the horizontal lathe has a horizontal guide rail and inclined guide rail, and their difference lies in the elevation angle of the lathe.


Application of Flat Rail CNC Lathe
Flat rail CNC lathe is widely used in heavy turning, with higher productivity, its main uses are processing complex geometry, a wide range of sizes, mainly used for short shaft, disc, and other workpiece processing. In addition, it can process all kinds of male and English internal and external threads. After the powerhead is installed on the flat rail CNC lathe, the workpiece circumference and end face can be milled or drilled. The flat rail CNC lathe can not only turn the outer circle, cut the groove and chamfer, but also drill, ream, expand, roll, and so on.


Flat track CNC lathes are also designed in various forms to manage the light metal and heavy metal turning processes. In the industry that completes more workshop processing work, it is found that the flat lathe with a CNC device is a more suitable choice, because we can obtain accurate finishing and feel the simplicity of cutting, which can save electricity. Some popular industries of flat CNC are the mining industry, transportation industry, paper industry, mechanical equipment industry, power plant industry, drilling technology industry, and shearing metal industry.


Flat track CNC lathes have higher stability, but compared with an inclined lathe or vertical lathes, they are more limited in the ability of tool changing and indexing. The larger part/turret diameter makes the center frame and tailstock standard. Flat rail CNC lathes are usually easier to handle large parts. The clearance between headstock and bed is also very helpful to adapt to the increase of turning diameter of parts.


Difference Between Slant Rail and Flat Rail CNC Lathe
Two guide rails parallel to the plane and the ground of the flat rail CNC lathe. The two guide rails of the inclined rail CNC lathe intersect with the plane of the ground to form an oblique angle, which has 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, and 75 ° points. From the perspective of machine tools and equipment, the bed of the CNC lathe is a right triangle of square inclined rail CNC lathe. In the same width of the guide, the horizontal plane of the X-carriage is longer than that of the lathe bed. In practice, the lathe can process more CNC tools at the same time.


The equipment area of the turning center of the horizontal rail CNC lathe and the inclined rail CNC lathe is the same as the height of the bed, which means that they have the ability to resist bending and torsion. The tool CNC Turning Center cuts the workpiece above the diagonal line, and the cutting force and gravity direction of the workpiece is the same. The spindle runs smoothly and is not easy to cause vibration cutting. Therefore, the cutting force of the cutting tool and workpiece of the flat rail CNC lathe enters the workpiece at 90 ° generated by gravity, which is easy to cause vibration.


Flat rail CNC lathe can achieve the accuracy of rigid materials, while inclined rail CNC lathe can achieve z-axis movement in processing. If the accuracy of rigid materials is required to be higher, it is recommended to select a flat rail CNC lathe for processing. The slant rail CNC lathe only works on lighter materials, so it is relatively advantageous in loading, entering, and processing, while the flat rail CNC lathe needs the operation of skilled professionals who can handle it correctly.


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