Katrina's Future in the ACNH Return in Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How Would Katrina Return in Animal Crossing?


Apr 1, 2021

Nintendo Provide us with a glimpse of Katrina. This brief glimpse of Katrina without ever introducing us to the full-fledged, mythical panther. Other than that, we receive her silent words from our phone screens. Not exactly identical. For a long time, the ACNH items hoped Katrina and the luck mechanic would return to New Horizons at some stage. Though it was sometimes inconvenient, we enjoyed keeping this underground random mechanic control minor details in the context. It actually contributed to the game's difficulty, altered minor details, and made life in your town a bit more chaotic. However, New Horizons seem to have altered some of the game's mechanics.


The creators also simplified a large portion of the game's interface. As a consequence, some minor facts have been omitted. Regrettably, it appears as though Katrina is a part of those details at the moment. Katrina has been a part of the Animal Crossing furniture from its inception. Generally, her position is clear. She typically occurs randomly in your area, or at selected locations in later games, and will read the player's fortune for a small fee. In the early games, you were expected to communicate with Katrina in order to gain your fortune, whether positive or poor.


Luck played a role in a variety of game events. The original Animal Crossing and City Folk also used a similar luck mechanic: the day's luck could result in 1000 ACNH Bells falling from a tree (300 in City Folk), villagers of the opposite gender following you around further, trees and villagers had a greater chance of giving you rare Animal Crossing Products, or, for the really unlucky, have villagers refuse to speak to you. The mechanics in Wild World were easier, with good fortune affecting villager gift-giving opportunities and poor fortune causing the player to slip and fall. New Leaf elevated the luck mechanic to a whole new dimension. After speaking with Katrina twenty times, she established a shop on Main Street where she could be contacted daily. Each day until 12 a.m., your luck was randomly allocated to one of five separate categories: wealth, friendship, passion, an object, or health. Each group includes both fortunate and unfortunate incidents.


Several of the symptoms from past games returned, although many new ones were introduced, such as bees flying slower, mosquitos and jellyfish appearing less often, and sitting in a chair culminating in farting. Farting is considered unlucky. These little specifics were often a joy to discover. And though you had a rough day, tripping and slipping is not really inconvenient. Real, it culminated in the destruction of all the balloons, but it offered an excuse for an occasional giggle. And the good fortune was often a pleasant treat when shaking trees or conversing with locals.


Thus, we are left with the issue of how Katrina fits into New Horizons. That is a brilliant issue. As of the most recent update, we will be able to see her stunning face with an app. The Nintendo Switch Online app is receiving an upgrade that will provide regular Nook Points that players will redeem for prizes. This is expected to decline in late March. Therefore, probably shortly, when it is still late March. When it does, a section at the bottom of the screen displays words of wisdom from Katrina. The following screenshot illustrates those terms as "Maybe what is yours is best done by being someone else's." It's difficult to know whether this is a good or poor fortune, but it almost certainly has little bearing on the game, and her words are there to provide guidance. Katrina does not seem to be a suitable match for this app. However, if you're going to log in daily, a daily fortune to keep you entertained for a second isn't totally out of the question. Let's hope this isn't Nintendo's way of defending the inclusion of Katrina in New Horizons. Perhaps this is a glimpse at Katrina's potential in the New Horizons world. Or maybe they figured it would be cute to include a regular fortune as you go to earn ACNH Bells.


We always like to assume she's back, but the reality that New Horizons is a tiny bit simpler to play than previous entries in the series leads me to believe that anything like a luck mechanism will be too difficult for the game they're aiming for with New Horizons. And though it was as straightforward as the Wild World's positive, evil, and indifferent luck scheme. For certain members of the group, the minor changes to New Leaf allow the game more fun than New Horizons. Katrina might also be a spontaneous phenomenon for our fun, as opposed to being parked on Main Street as in New Leaf. It's amusing because they'll retain the original genetics for hybrid flowers thus removing the lock mechanism that has existed since the game's inception. Perhaps the 2.0 update will shed some more light about how the remainder of 2021 will unfold.

The group laments the lack of unique characters and the exciting mechanics they introduced to the Animal Crossing story. Maybe this tiny software upgrade is the best way to guarantee Katrina's inclusion in New Horizons, but Nintendo hasn't forgotten about her. We can only assume that our prayers will be addressed in the future, and that the developers can continue to listen to the group.


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