The Best Way Of Minimizing Packaging Costs For Your Company

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Jul 13, 2021

More and more companies are trying to find the best way to minimize packing costs. So dies Biotika – a producer of candles frequently buys packaging for mailboxes from, but the team recognizes that they need a bespoke solution as their company grows in 2020. He requested assistance from, and together they adopted a fresh strategy to their products management. As a consequence, biotika reduces 12 percent of packaging expenses so that it may reinvest in marketing. Today, we are going to tell you the best way of minimizing packaging costs for your company.


Instructions to customers

We discovered four distinct sizes of candles in biotika goods (from 60 ml to 200 ml). The product is packaged in a bespoke mailer box, which is put as a subsidiary packaging in a mail box to preserve the design of a candle and mailbox. The business also delivers gift boxes and sets with various products. There are up to 100 different combinations. On the other side, Biotika has decided to initiate a project called recandle to do its part for the world. For reuse candle containers may be returned to customers. Biotika expressly demands their goods to be packed using recycled cardboard at least 90 percent.


D2c business model packaging

Biotika successfully adopted the D2c business model which provided the firm with major adjustments and many professional difficulties. He conducts marketing every day to encourage people to promote the company. Now he has no intermediary to connect with consumers. The brand must be cared for in the least detail and communication via packaging must be strengthened. Biotika wants her unpackaging to be a genuine sensory experience for this reason. When the package is opened, consumers will be covered with a candle aroma shielded by a gentle sawdust cloud.


Cost reduction and D2c mode adaptation

Biotika has implemented the transition into a D2c business model with The business currently utilizes four distinct sizes of packaging. This allows you to select the most appropriate package for consumers to purchase, reducing the company's fixed expenses of shipping. Biotika cut fixed expenses in particular by 12% and reinvested it in its marketing strategy.

The new package line reinforces the image of the business and stresses its sustainability. Packaging, consisting of 90% recycled material, is an important component of the brand's instagram feed and is now the brand's primary sales channel. Once the product has been received and completed, the client may reuse the box and return the container to the office of biotika.


Ma, Biotika CEO ł Gorzata adamskas

Our experience with previous packing providers was not completely satisfying until we discovered We intended to utilize the model for molding lines from the start, but the cost is too expensive and this would impact the growth of other areas of company. We have now selected a set of boxes to minimize expenses and reinforce our marketing budget.


Who's biotics?

AdamsKa's enthusiasm for healthy living led to the development of biotika, a producer of sweet candles. They offer on their web site and their line of products includes soy candles and aromatherapy cabinet sticks (in addition to aromatherapy candles).



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