Animal Crossing: New Horizons Custom Design Slots Guide - How To Use The Custom Design Slots


Apr 1, 2021

New Horizons has recently incorporated everything that the group has been requesting since the game's inception. For our customization needs, the most recent upgrade introduced 100 new slots, 50 standard design slots, and 50 pro design slots. Now that we have too many, many people are either intimidated by what they can make or have overcompensated and learned way too many templates to download and have, once again, run out of room to store their amazing creations. There are topics we miss as we whine regarding the extra functionality we need.


Customization has been a staple of Animal Crossing since the game's inception. Although we were confined to clothing and umbrellas on the GameCube, it was always enjoyable to experiment with and attempt a little fashion design. We were assigned eight template slots in 2002. They will not be extended to the large number of ACNH items that we currently have. And you couldn't just sketch anything you pleased and expect it to suit properly. There were no professional-looking prototypes. Simply a 32x32-pixel square in which we might experiment. The issue with the GameCube edition is that whatever was on your shirt showed on your cap as well. Thus, if you tried to reproduce a particular form on your cap, it will replicate itself but warp into an interesting pattern.


Each iteration of the series added a little more to our design arsenal. From being able to put designs on the ground to designing hats to using QR codes to enable the community's pixel artists to share their work with those of us who aren't just as professional. When we eventually reached the greatest potential increase of standard of living and Fresh Horizons. Fifty production slots, fifty professional design slots, and nine distinct categories of garment design.


While this seems to be an impressive accomplishment on paper, the additional mechanisms and design skills offered by Modern Horizons render this initial amount of design slots look inadequate. We now have a simpler way to put our designs as roads, have the ability to modify a large number of Animal Crossing furniture, and plenty of space to spread said furniture around our island. Suddenly, 50 slots concept slots are unattractive. Any reasonable route needs at least nine slots. Not to mention your Island's flag, stall patterns, and the hundreds of variations on the basic panel, the game's most incredibly flexible furniture piece. These 50 slots easily fill up. Furthermore, if you share your island with other people, you would both have access to the same design slots. The developers have doubled our available slots in the most recent upgrade. These can be bought at the Nook Stop in Resident Services using ACNH Nook Miles Tickets.

You've probably been uploading stunning pieces of art at a breakneck rate. It's as though the universe has expanded. There are so many options, and we're now at a loss about what to do next. What are you going to do for your newly discovered blank squares of opportunity? If you've been putting off installing these incredible designs because you can't justify using nine design slots for this awesome route you saw that one time, you're not alone. Or you stop celebrating holidays in various ways because, while it might have been nice to have some shelves in your café lined with gingerbread cookies, you've forgotten the concept code for the initial shelves you discovered, and are scared to abandon the design entirely. There are some excellent seasonal pieces available. Many of them are for stalls, plain panels, or routes, but they all contribute to the overall feel of your island and complement the seasonal decorations provided by the game.


Along with the new slots, the developers extended our concept choices for umbrellas, uchiwa fans, flags, and standees. These give a plethora of possibilities. Individuals have been wildly imaginative with the ACNH Latest Products. There are these incredible drawn drawings that use each object in the manner in which it was intended to be used. Wonderful umbrellas, exceptionally informative standees that can be used as accessories in photos. And then there are those that are elevating these designs. The standees are being converted by artists into structures, vessels, trains, and custom walls. These incredible individuals have come up with incredible suggestions to make us spruce up our islands. There are also umbrellas. Due to the way the umbrellas are arranged, the artists have created the appearance of a package. Numerous doors have opened, and a plethora of new concepts are being produced. Anything from pet houses to flower bins, GameCubes to garbage cans is a cube. Someone also recreated the Mario Kart question mark object blocks to complement the in-game Mario products we've been attempting to match naturally on our islands.


Some of you might even have exhausted all of your slots. And the most you can hope for at this stage is to avoid designs for a single application. For instance, those cool money tree bell bag designs. It is not important because you will see for yourself that they are indeed money trees, but maybe you felt it was well built and you simply want it on my island. Other than that, you can begin searching for styles that are flexible and can be used for a number of things such as pillows, couches, and bed quilts.


The Animal Crossing culture is just awesome. The imagination, the photography, and the crafts pique our curiosity in what could come next, not only in terms of user-generated material, but also in terms of the future of New Horizons and the possible changes. It makes you wonder if the architects are aware of the extent of which the Animal Crossing culture is capable of creating such amazing designs. Did they realize the rear of the climbing wall will be used as an outdoor wall? Are they conscious of the ease of which tables, stalls, and solar panels can be used to build our structures? The amount of customization available with the umbrella has increased significantly after New Leaf. Rather than just repeating the concept triangle, they've allowed us to customize each pixel. One of the latest prototypes is your favorite?


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