Paint & Coating Chemical

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Jul 13, 2021

We are connecting producers and suppliers of Paint & Coating Chemical through our platform across the province. They offer diversified products and services in bulk at reasonable prices. 


Paint Thinner: It is used to dilute the paint and clean the objects after use. It is safer to use on walls, wood, and metallic surface area.


Wall Putty: It is applied on the wall before applying paint either on wet or drywall. It enhances the life period of wall paints.  It strengthens the wall and provides a smooth finish.


Industrial paints: They offer a wide range of industrial paints acrylic, polyester, and many more. It prevents the tool and equipment from corrosion. It is durable, water-resistant, fire resistance, rust-proof and heat resistant, etc. 


Painting Services: They also have professionals to provide painting services for interiors or exteriors. They are skillful and trained and do the perfect job in less time.


Slack Wax: It is a petroleum product. It prevents rusting and provides structural coating while adding it to paints.


Acetone: It is used to remove the paints. It has extensive use, it is used in cosmetic and personal care products. It is highly effective and gives excellent results. It is used as an additive in some foods.


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