How to access old Hotmail account without password


Jul 12, 2021

Hotmail is the free webmail service through which users can very smoothly send & receive emails without any hustle or bustle. But sometimes it has seen that the user lost their account because sometimes these accounts are not opened for a quite a long time, so the Hotmail account gets deactivated after some time & if the user wants to recover their old account then they have to know the steps to perform it. Now if you want to know How to access old Hotmail account without password, so that the Hotmail account gets activated once again without any issue.

Then for that, you need to go through these simple & easy steps to recover the old account;

•          At first you have to open the Microsoft sign-in page within the browser

•          Then you have to enter the email address or phone number

•          Now just click on the Next button

•          After that you will be redirected to the enter password page

•          There click on the forgot password

•          Now you will be asked to verify your identity

•          After that you have to enter your phone number or the alternative email address if you added it to the account

•          Now enter the verification code sent on to your phone number or on the email address into the provided field

•          Now you can easily reset the password for your Hotmail account as directed

•          At last enter the new & confirm password & save & your old account gets recovered.


How can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account?


However if need further information on the old Hotmail account, then feel free to contact hotmail customer service, team representative for help & guidance so as to get out of the trouble.





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