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Mar 31, 2021

An architect designs and plans a structure that includes apartments, complexes, shopping centers, office buildings, and factories. The architects also plan to make this structure safe and secure to live in. As the benefits and demand for Architecture Jobs are expanding in the market. Several people are exploring various job sites and posts for applying. But before applying for the jobs let’s know more about the architect job, its benefits, and all the career training. Architects are profound with Creative Designing

  • They work to concentrate especially on design work
  • With their artistic and scientific skills, they work to produce technically feasible.
  • Their work is to do with a specific set of instructions from their clients that defines the type of building required by them and covers residential, commercial or industrial, or an entire housing
  • Their project involves designing from the very beginning or making alterations on the exciting part.
  • Sketches and plans with details of sizes, specifications are made and estimates of the cost of building materials are prepared.
  • They prepare models with graphic presentation of a project
  • Designing the interior layout of buildings

Their work done by an architect is to aid architectural technicians. Their work depends on the type of organisation or firm they are working in.

Managerial and administrative responsibilities

  • Jobs in Architecture obtain building permission from the local authority
  • They prepare and work to negotiate contracts with building contractors, civil and structural engineers, and surveyors.
  • Present drawings and estimates to their clients
  • Architects make regular visits to the site, check and progress the quality of work
  • They ensure site and materials security
  • They issue instructions to the contractor and confirming payments to contractors
  • They further discuss the problems with the site manager and structural engineers.
  • They check the completion of the work until it gets complete and ready for the client's use.

Different types of architects:

1. Landscape architects

Work done by landscape architects includes designing public areas, infrastructure, forestry, agriculture. Their concern is more towards the public and government properties. They work with the natural environment and landscape architects are essential to respond to globalisation and climate change. If you are a nature lover, then this career can be useful for you.

2. Urban Planner

We have seen most of our population continuing towards urban areas. The urban area of the city and town is expanding with more and more population. This is due to the rising opportunities that are gaining in urban life. Architects Jobs in NZ who works for urban planning are known as an urban planner. Their work is generally for covering the urban areas according to economic and demographic changes.

3. Restoration Architect

The restoration architect targets historical monuments and old buildings. The historical monuments and past glimpse is a crucial understanding of our culture and heritage. Hence to restore and make them stood for the future, the restoration architects work to perform their duties and manage the old buildings and historical monuments.

4. Research Architect

The research architect work with constantly changing tools and technology. This kind of tools that are being used in making architecture work easier. They work and research related to the buildings and tools.

5. Political Architect

Well as it has been understood with the name. the politician architect work to establish and form political buildings like parliament and any other council building. Architecture Jobs is to organise and manage the discipline that adds value to society.

Why pursue your career in the architecture discipline?

Before adopting any job or career in any field, there are some pros and cons of the particular field that we should know. And to jump for the architecture jobs we should know the process and field at the initial stage. Architects are creative and problem-solver, they enjoy creating different structures and designs of the various buildings. Their work depends on the client specification and visualizes what of the various projects. Jobs in Architecture work in different leadership roles and manage their work to finish on time. they have great communication and understanding skills. To be an architect you should also have great knowledge of mathematics and should be comfortable adapting to the changing regulation and style in the architecture industry.

Career progression of an Architect

  • Practical knowledge and work with an Architectural firm in the final year of studies
  • After graduation, you should apply for an apprenticeship with an architectural firm.
  • Learn and grasp knowledge from senior architects of the technicalities involved in the design.
  • Architects can handle small projects and make architectural plans.
  • The training helps to develop an ability to work independently.
  • Experienced and senior professionals in Architecture work on large assignments.
  • The senior architect's Jobs in NZ work as consulting managers, directing, inspecting, and dealing with major technical issues, costing, etc.

Final words:

The growth of the number of architects has increased in past years. this field is one of the competitor fields that has expanded its growth in terms of market value, money, posts, and career opportunities. The architects are expected to make plans and designs to construct, renovate the offices and homes. There are many schools and organisations that manage to renovate themselves over some time. And this can be adapting and one by the architect. The demand for architects with knowledge continues and they work to present an efficient structure using resources. Architecture Jobs work to finish their project without wasting any resources. If you are new to the industry and looking for a career-changing path, then you can apply and contact to MyJobSpace for various vacancies in the Architect field.


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