How can I Talk to Someone at Hotmail?

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Jul 12, 2021

Do you still use Hotmail? For resolving your issues you need to contact Microsoft now


It is been a time since Hotmail was first launched. It was the first free-of-cost email service in the world. If you are looking for an important email that you can’t find on any of your accounts then it might be in your old Hotmail account. Now if you want you can find out your Hotmail log-in-related issues in this post.


We will share with you if you are wondering that how can I talk to someone at Hotmail. Just read through the post and you will be there. As you might know that Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft so you need to contact Microsoft if you want to speak to Hotmail Live Person.


The steps to follow to speak with a live person at Microsoft:


They have two categories:


  • Home
  • Business

For both Home and Business users you can visit their Global Customer service Support page. Once there you can select the appropriate category.


If you were using Hotmail as a Home user then you can now even receive a call back to you. The steps are in the following for Home Users:


  • Press the Get Help link
  • Sign in with your Microsoft Outlook account
  • Request a callback
  • Retrieve your Hotmail Account

Hope this post was helpful to you in finding a solution for your Hotmail account to contact Hotmail live person. Please provide your valuable feedback if possible, we will be glad to hear from you.


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