Industrial CNC machine guide - 6 ways to improve the quality of your workpiece


Mar 30, 2021

Production is evolving to meet the demands of customers and CNC Lathing products of high quality. This also means the machine workshops need to change their approach to routine steps or processes and how to treat pieces they might produce on a regular basis. For machinery shops, the advent of incredibly durable specialized alloys and composites was extremely important: Dies and molds or machine parts.

The processing of hard materials takes care of the design of the processes and machinery so that the optimal results and levels of efficiency can be achieved. Regardless of how attractive it may be for the efficiency of the finished product, some tougher materials require special procedures, and if appropriate precautions are not adopted during execution, the result can be less than acceptable.

The shop also risks increasing the efficiency of efficient metal processing of cutting devices for hard materials starting with sensitive tool choices. The tools must be rigid and precise and the tools must be suited to the different operating steps and the geometry of the workpiece.

End of the Ball Mills
Ball-end mills are a good way to rough and polish hard materials. Through their large working radius, the ball terminal mills help to disperse heat and electricity, which reduces the possibility of workpiece deformation. They allow the operator to approach the target network form at a high speed.

Gear for Bullnose
Smooth and broad floor hard material workpieces benefit from bullnose equipment. The trade, however, is to ensure its smaller radius does not spread heat and causes chipping.

Mills Square End
A quadratic mill in CNC Milling with sharp corners under which the wall touches the floor would probably achieve the best possible results with a quadrangular mill. This is actually the first time it has been seen. However, it tends to focus instead of disseminating heat and power.

Machine Rugging A Hard Material
It is prudent to use the soft process during the process of roughing. This includes beginning work on products not heat treated yet. The entity is softer and easier to work in such an annealed condition. You may reduce the strain of a pigment, mold or other hard substance. Make the most of the rough steps and minimize the finishing work needed by picking quick tool path patterns to quickly remove a lot of material. For this, the adaptive clearance is ideal and an excellent option for treating superelements, reinforced concrete and other large items such as iron. Be sure to count the flutes too. End mills with 4 flutes or more are ideal for hard rugged materials, but 4~8 will increase output further.

Control of temperature and vibration
You risk losing the accuracy of your instruments without proper temperature and vibration control. Because excessive heat threatens to modify the morphology of the workpiece surface, the first approach to temperature control is to use the cutting liquid to lubricate and remove loose chips. The best approaches are mineral oils and emulsifiable oils. Only make sure that when you are running, there is no supply interruption. The lack of coolant will shorten your tool's life.

Even if you've rawed the hard stuff when it was in its annealed state. During heat therapy, the finishing process takes place. As with the temperature regulation, the finishing steps need to be carefully tuned. Use the raster pass technique to complete the bits of hard stuff. Hardened materials are very robust, but without the right finishing technique may be brittle. In the raster passes, the cutting tool intersects with the parallel vertical contours which you have developed in the rough phase, ensuring high precision and high quality surface finishes without the fragility of the material. With the appropriate approach for processing hard materials, not only can high precision and pleasing results be achieved, but even the lifetime of your devices can be enhanced.


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