Tall Twin Captain’s Platform Bed Storage With Six Drawers


Mar 29, 2021

A captain’s bed is a lovely and convenient addition to any bedroom. Typically, captain’s beds are made of the finest and non-toxic wood accompanied by the firm grip of craftsmanship to produce the end result. They are perfect storage platform beds since they have drawers on their footboards, enhancing storage capabilities and helping you reduce clutter in your bedroom. 

 In that case, you will appreciate the captain’s platform beds because of their spacious and convenient drawers that are expertly installed on either side of the bed. Undoubtedly, you will feel like a captain when you take a good night’s sleep in a captain bed with storage drawers.



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All About Tall Twin Captain’s Platform Bed

Imagine how much ample storage space you can have if you purchase this tall twin captain’s platform bed with six drawers. The name speaks for itself, so clearly, the bed comes with six drawers that can fit all that you desire to store away. This platform bed is expertly designed to take up a twin-sized mattress and is ideal for the bedroom, where space is a severe challenge. 


These drawers are 18 inches deep and can be easily installed on either side of the platform bed. The sturdy drawers are made of robust wood sides that effortlessly glide on metal runners with built-in safety stops. For easy opening, you should use your fingers to pull out the bottom of each drawer front. 

You can store your bed sheets, duvets, linens, out-of-season clothing, sweaters, and more in these spacious drawers. 


Thankfully, this simple platform bed will relieve all the chests, shelves, and dressers of any storage duties as it is here to eliminate all that hustle with its six spacious drawers. This unique platform bed does not need a box spring, thanks to the sturdy slat support foundation consisting of thick and sturdy wood that maximizes the mattress. 

Moreover, the sturdy wooden slats are installed lengthwise to distribute body weight which guarantees a good night’s sleep and rest. This tall twin captain’s bed with six drawers is a piece of convenient furniture, especially for kids in their transitional years. The platform bed will bring a simple, sophisticated, and stylish look to your bedroom, which accentuates the bedroom's comfort and ambiance. The solid black laminate finish completes the traditional vibe of this simple yet sophisticated platform bed.


Additionally, its elegantly arched headboard and footboard add to the sophisticated and unique look that this bed offers. The solid black laminate finish is not only attractive but also exceptionally durable. Therefore, you do not need to stress about the laminate finish chipping or wearing off. Besides, the laminate finish makes it easier to clean the bed where you should do so with a damp cloth. 


Also, the tall twin captain’s platform bed with six drawers will quickly and perfectly blend in with any bedroom décor because of its unique features, perfect size, and bold colors. Tall twin captain’s platform bed with six drawers comes in two colors which are black and brown. These two colors are perfect bold colors that will make the platform bed easily blend with any bedroom décor. It is crucial to bear in mind that darker finishes such as jet-black finishes match well with lighter-colored walls and oversized bedrooms. 


Therefore, if you have a small bedroom, going for a tall black twin captain’s platform bed with six drawers will make the room look smaller; consequently, it would be best to go for the brown one. Neutral colors like brown usually blend with any décor or theme color. Therefore, the tall twin captain’s platform bed with six drawers is an aesthetic piece of furniture and an item of durable furniture that will last for years with the most negligible upkeep and maintenance.

The manufacturers of this unique platform bed believe that it is crucial to inform the public that this attractive platform bed is constructed from non-toxic and CARB-compliant laminated composite woods. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly since the wood itself does not consist of any chemicals or additives. Platformbedexpert.com



The following are advantages of purchasing this tall twin captain’s platform bed with six drawers.
This platform bed is very sturdy and offers excellent support to the mattress thanks to its robust slat foundation that incredibly holds the mattress and still supports its aeration to prevent molds.

This unique piece of furniture is attractive in its solid color and will add a special and straightforward appearance to your bedroom.

A 5-year warranty from the manufacturer in Canada accompanies this tall twin captain’s platform bed; therefore, you can use your warranty if you have issues that you would want to be sorted out.

Assembling this platform bed is quite effortless as there are detailed instructions with clear illustrations that excellently guide you through the whole assembling process.

This unique platform bed comes with ample storage space owing to its six drawers. This is its principal and selling feature.

It is affordable, which is a guarantees that it can fit any tight budget.


Just like everything with an advantage, there have to be a few disadvantages as well. The following are the disadvantages of buying this platform bed.

The bed is quite heavy as it weighs one hundred and fifty-two pounds; therefore, it may be challenging to carry or move around.

This attractive bed is not suitable for heavier people as it has a weight capacity of two hundred and fifty pounds.
Although it rarely occurs, the platform bed is vulnerable to pest attacks such as termites since they are made of wood. However, if you always clean and do frequent upkeeps, you can prevent this from occurring.
This specific platform bed is available in twin size only.


This unique and sophisticated tall twin size platform bed with six drawers with robust construction will carry on your kids throughout their transitional years with a classic and sophisticated style all through. The durability and functionality of this platform bed will impress you, and I appreciate the moment you purchased and added it to your bedroom. Get one of these platform beds and witness how convenient they are.



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