What is Allegiant Airlines baggage policy?

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Mar 25, 2021

Allegiant is one of the largest airlines in the United States. It flies more than 1000 aircraft in a day and connects more than 100 destinations in North America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the USA. If you have an Allegiant Airline reservation, you can use this information regarding its baggage policy to have a hassle-free journey. It was founded in 2000 and held more than 250 aircraft. It even has an employee strength of 20,000 employees.


Let’s find out its various baggage policies.


Baggage Policy of Allegiant Airlines


According to the Allegiant Airlines baggage policy, passengers can carry check-in baggage that must not exceed 158 cm in total. The maximum weight allowed is 22 kg. Keep in mind that for safety reasons, Jet2 (like all airlines) prohibits its passengers from carrying gels and liquids of more than 100 ml and weapons, knives, scissors, and blunt objects in general. Below is the table with detailed fees for all ticket types in Allegiant:


Class 1st Bag 2nd Bag


Blue Basic $35 $45 Blue $35 $45 Blue Plus Included $45 Blue Extra $35 $45 Mint Included Included Mosaic Included Included Allegiant Plus Card Member Included $45


For oversized bags, if the size is between 160- 203 cm, that excess baggage fee will be $150 for each bag. If the size is more than 203 cm, the airline will not accept it, and the passenger will have to find other ways to transport the bag. If the bags weigh around 23-44 kg, the airline will also charge $150, and bags over 44 kg are not acceptable.


If you wish to save on the check-in baggage fees, you can add two bags during the advance online check-in and save up to $5 on each bag. For more formation, please read Allegiant Airlines Booking policies.


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