How To Contact Facebook Customer Service For My Locked Account


Jul 7, 2021

Facebook is one of the best online assets that has been working actively since 2004. It has strong security rules that lock when anyone tries to enter without providing the correct password. Sometimes, users get annoyed by this and want to unlock that account at the earliest. They can simply perform that by contacting the official customer service team of Facebook and take their assistance.

How To Contact Facebook About My Locked Facebook Account?

You can easily connect with Facebook support by using the methods that are given below:


  • Unlock Facebook Account Via Live Chat. Facebook allows you to use the live chat method to contact its support. This support is available 24/7 and enables you to receive help information. Accessing and using this support is easy and you can do that on the help page of Facebook. Just enter your query in the chat section and obtain official information about unlocking your Facebook account.

  • Unlock Facebook Account Via Phone Number. Speaking to the Facebook live person is the best method to gain the official information. You just need to dial the phone number and connect with the support for unlocking the account. Talk to him over the phone call and provide the account details for facilitating the unlocking process.

  • Unlock Facebook Account Via Email ID. Unlock process is completely easy when you try to perform that by using the official email ID. Provide the extra details in the email which you compose. Give details about the username of your account and give the extra other relevant information in that. Gain information in the official reply and use that to free from your Facebook account.


By employing the crucial details that are given here, anyone can contact and unlock their official account. Those who are confused and wish to know about how do i contact facebook when my account is locked should contact their support to gain effective details. Ask the Facebook support expert to know more about the account unlocking process.


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