Top 3 Facial Yoga Exercises and Benefits Of Practicing It

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Jul 6, 2021

Your face is the first thing anybody notices and it is important to take care of it.


Did you know you can sculpt your face without surgeries?


Facial yoga is an easy to do exercises that can help tone your face.


Moreover, facial yoga exercises can give you that jaw line you crave for.


It can also give you a radiant complexion.


Thus, the face yoga results are to die for.


Face yoga is recommended for keeping your facial muscles active.


Thus, to keep your skin healthy, tight, and the blood flow going, it’s important to keep your face as active as your body.


However, you should pay attention to your facial expression to avoid making your skin vulnerable to fine lines.


So, in this blog, we will deal with all the benefits of face yoga and different face exercises that will help you uplift your saggy skin.


Thus, we will start with what face yoga actually is?


What Are Face Yoga Exercises?


In simple words Face yoga is a range of conscious expressions that target different facial muscles to improve the health of your skin.


There are a number of muscles in your face that you don’t even notice, for example, there are about 10 muscles around your eyes that are constantly active as you smile, squint, and express.


Thus, it is important to isolate and tone different muscles in your face to give them time for rejuvenation and relaxation.


However, the effectiveness of facial yoga is a subject of controversy.


People often question Does Face Yoga Really Work?


Well! It works and there are numerous benefits of practicing Facial Yoga Exercises.


Benefits Of Face Yoga


Face yoga before and after results definitely prove its credibility.


It can do wonders to your skin without any cosmetic surgeries or fillers.


So here are the top benefits of facial exercising.


Top 5 Benefits of Face yoga


#1. Facial yoga can help you combat fine lines and wrinkles.


#2. It can stimulate blood circulation of your face for a plump and fresh-looking face.


#3. Due to an increase in blood flow, every muscle receives its required nutrients that can actually slow down your

aging process.


#4. Face yoga can help you release tension around your neck and forehead.


#5. It helps in toning muscles and getting rid of neck fat or double chin.


Thus, face yoga is not as expensive as surgeries but can definitely give effects like surgery if practiced regularly.


So, these benefits clearly answer “Does Facial Yoga Really Work”.


Moving on, to experience these benefits you need to practice face yoga correctly and precisely.


How To Do Facial Yoga Exercises?


You can start by practicing Face Yoga twice a day, once early in the morning and once at night before bed to release all the tension.


It can be difficult for beginners as the facial muscles are really small and delicate. But, keep giving your best to isolate these muscles and work on them.


You can start with a quick warm-up and move on to targeted muscle.


Different yoga poses are beneficial for different muscle groups.


Thus, let’s move on to important face yoga exercises for beginners.


3 Best Facial Yoga For Beginners


#1.Smiling Fish Face


Make a fish face and then smile in that pose. Hold it for 30sec and repeat 5 times. This helps in sculpting your cheekbones.


#2. Baby Bird


 It helps in preventing sagging of the neck and double chin. You just have to look up and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Hold for 30sec and repeat.


#3. Buddha Pose


Simply close your eyes let your face relax while smiling slightly. This helps in releasing all the accumulated tension.


Thus, these were some tips to help you start your face yoga journey and move past the doubts such as “Do facial exercises work”.




Face Yoga Exercises definitely benefit you by improving your skin appearance and sculpting your face.


And, the best thing about it is there are no side effects of facial yoga.


It is a complete physical and natural process that works on your focused muscle group without injecting chemicals.


Thus, we urge you to try facing yoga and enjoying healthier skin.


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