From single sex to couple sex toys world


Mar 23, 2021

You've been alone for a while and have become very friendly with latex, fake ribbing and vibrating things! Sex toys are the best friends of single guys and single girls, and while singles and couples alike want the same results from sex toy play, there may be a few tweaks in your favorites to live with when you meet someone special enough to share your thoughts. Today, as you go from single play to pair play, we can look at what can be kept, discarded, modified and found in the adult toy garden.

Wrap them up...

Now that you have accomplished many of the tasks that must be done alone, you will have help available for you to put these people in the back of the garage:.

Sex dolls: While there are exceptions to every rule, sex dolls usually go out of style when you become a partner!
Masturbation sets: These sets don't have much room to be used in cooperative play ...... It's a waste of all those cute real body parts!
Keep them away...

With an open-minded partner and lots of discussion, there's no reason why these sex toys can't be left in the back of the lingerie drawer:.

Vibrators: They can easily give a woman multiple orgasms, and if you have an egg or bullet model, then there's absolutely no threat to his manhood!
Dildos: Ladies have so much cuteness that men can't be everywhere at once...
Penis pumps and penis rings: Guys may have experimented with them individually, and they're even better when playing with a partner!
Lubricants and Lotions: Every little touch feels better with some slick, slippery lubricant.

Once you start exploring sex toy sites, you'll quickly debunk the myth that sex toys are only for singles! You'll see plenty of toys designed for partner play, and it's a good time to become a couple to try out.

Adult costumes: they're not much fun if you're on your own! Role play makes it more satisfying for two people
Strap-ons: Boys or girls can wear these for lots of fun
Remote Control Vibrators: Oh, this is the delicious fun of not knowing when you'll get sweet vibrations for you! These remote control vibrators make it impossible for you to be as surprised as your partner.
Sex Games: These games can be fun and the foreplay is fantastic, but you might not do so well on your own!
Being part of a couple definitely doesn't mean the end of the sex toy adventure ...... In fact, it's just the beginning!


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