How do I contact United Airlines for refund?


Jul 3, 2021

In order to communicate with someone at United airlines for refund dial 1-800-UNITED-1 (802-808-8991) and checkout some valuable information pertaining to refunds at United airlines.


Methods of contact United Airlines for refund


Several methods can be utilised by passengers for getting refunds at United. You can stick to any one of the method mentioned down under: 


  1. Fill out the Refund request form to get access to refund against the cancellation made for your reservation. The Refund request form is available on the official website of United. There you have to look for the ‘Refund Request form’ and you are done. 
  2. Another option available to get refunds for United flights is through getting in touch with the customer service professionals who are ready to help with flight reservations, cancellations and refunds. 


If you select to utilise the other way which is getting in touch with the customer service department at United, then you have to follow the ways that are listed down under. These are going to help with establishing communication with the customer service and support team.


  • Make a call on the helpline number available on the webpage and talk to United Airlines representative.
  • Draft an email.
  • Connect via live chat which is quite instant and convenient and you could request a call back over chat.



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