Things you need to order from home for your hair business


Mar 20, 2021

You can first invest in a thermal printer. No ink whatsoever needed. You just have to buy mailing mark sheets. It prints quicker, will accelerate the operation even more, so we suggest a thermal printer. The next two items are interchangeable, either shipping your desktop or shipping your computer. But delivering the laptop is much quicker. The next thing is a delivery size. Second, zero it out, then place your things on it. If you can use a normal scale, that's perfect. As long as it weighs pounds and ounces, you can use any scale you choose. The next thing is a scanner. Print your business cards and card appreciation. And finally some tape pens. And make sure you clean the workspace.

Second, log into your account for your shop. Then go ahead and pick body weave hair orders in the top left corner and select unfulfilled, which would be all the wigs orders you've left to complete and ship to your clients. Then press on the pick everything check box in the top left corner, selecting all unfulfilled wig orders and then click on creating shipping labels. This is a little hack on how to print packing slips. Click print packing slips, produce your packing slips, then bring up a PDF file to print your packing clips. Since you have all the packing slips, you should pack all the orders according to the mailing list and double-check to see whether the wig products are right with each order. Then placed your business cards in each box.

We're moving over to Shopify now. So we'll always be on our shipping labels page and we'll run over our wig orders and measure our wig pieces. Then measure our shipping costs and we can buy our shipping stickers. Then measure all the orders and place them in the machine. And pick how many shipping labels you like. And print our shipping stickers, and then Shopify allows you to arrange your USPS pickup. Click this button to get you to the USPS website. 


So on to the fun section, that's how you won't have to leave house! Then you should arrange a delivery on the USPS page, then you'll type all your information and where the item will be picked up, and click on the availability tab and input the amount of items they'll pick up. This must be arranged 24 hours in advance or 5 p.m. the day before. And, when they're in the area, the driver can pick up the parcels, check them into the machine and carry them to the post office. You don't have to quit home!


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