Best Tips to Start a Career in New Zealand

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Mar 19, 2021

1. Take your time in making a CV and cover letter


The first thing you wanna do while you’re job hunting is making a CV. A resume and cover letter must be a reflection of exactly who you are and why you’re the best fit for the given role. Make your first impressions count and make sure that your resume is up to date before you send it to someone. Another keynote is to read through the JD (job description) before you apply and make sure that your CV resonates with the skills that the job requires. You can also get your friends/colleagues to check your CV for you to make sure that every sentence makes perfect sense to the recruiter. 


Must include in your CV:


● name & contact info


● Interpersonal & technical skills


● Total work experience


●  volunteer experience


● Qualifications, education, and certifications


● an objective and/or personal statement


● achievements


Things to NOT include:


● Pictures 


● DOB/age


● Marital status/religion


● Irrelevant interests


2. Hands-on Experience


While all the international students are allowed to work for up to 20 hrs/week when they’re studying in New Zealand. Check if you’re eligible to work while you’re studying, in order to make full use of this privilege and gain exposure to local business. While in search of jobs in New Zealand don’t limit your job hunting to only paid jobs, volunteer experience is an amazing way to explore more and invest time in networking. If you are currently struggling in finding a specific major job, try to volunteer as it can a lot of opportunities that can be added to your CV. 


3.Personality Development:


Express your passion, energy, and will to learn every time. If you don’t possess the skill-set or any experience, your can-do attitude will get you the job. 


Tips to help you in  Interviews in New Zealand


● Kiwi people are informal, so relax and expect job interviews to be like it.


● The no. of interviewers may vary, anywhere from 1-4 recruiters may interview you depending on the position.


● Job interviews are mostly behavioral. For an instance, you will be asked about some specific situations from your previous jobs, to get a grasp of how you’ll handle a given condition.


● Be utterly confident when you’re describing your expertise, skill, or experience, whilst being careful that you don’t sound arrogant.


● Keep your posture and voice friendly and utterly professional.


4. Invest time in Networking


Networks can get you jobs that’s a fact! While most of the job profiles expect you to be a team player, everyone has some networks, but not necessarily everyone is good at it. Make full use of your class, workplace, and your social media handles for networking. Spend time with your friends, catch up with your classmates and colleagues whenever you get a chance. 


When searching jobs in New Zealand, networking is extremely important up to 80% of job vacancy never even gets advertised. Therefore, it is important that you grab opportunities where you can connect with the professionals in your line of career. It’s as easy to find network opportunities in the big cities. While you’re at it you should also try service clubs, because they may present decent chances to meet other professionals in your career community.


5. Don’t give up


The process of looking for a job can get tough but remember to not give up, your hard work and all the efforts will pay off. If you are an international student, you may even be eligible for the work visa upon completion of your graduation. Make sure that you apply for the work visa within 3 months of completion of your degree.  






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