How To Maintain Your Wigs Correctly


Jun 30, 2021

This is how the world is arranged. Women with straight hair dream of having thick curly hair. Women with curly hair have enough curly hair. They hope their hair is straight. In both cases, virgin hair wigs can be the solution. However, we should find out exactly what its proper care should look like. In this case, it's also important whether the hair is straight or curly.


In terms of wig care, what is the difference between curly hair and straight hair?

The most important difference is that curly hair should never be combed, even if it is dry. Straight hair is different. You can comb it gently when it's dry and wet (starting from the bottom). Arrange the body wave full lace wig and comb it gently with your fingers. This is how we gently form curls and make them beautiful. Using a brush or comb can completely damage them.


How to maintain synthetic wigs?

In addition to this seemingly small but extremely significant difference, we treated straight hair and curly hair in the same way. Curls are a solution that can only be retained permanently in the case of synthetic wigs, so we'll discuss them here. They should be cleaned properly - if we use them every day, wigs should be cleaned every two weeks. After all, it has to be properly dried. You should never comb a wet wig because we can easily and quickly destroy it.

First, soak the synthetic wig, and then wash it by hand. We use shampoo for synthetic wigs, and then rinse them clean. It's important to apply wig cream after washing. Next, drain the wig with a towel, place it gently with your fingers, then put it on the shelf and let it dry for about 8 hours.


How to maintain natural wigs?

Why we need a natural wig? Due to the fact that, they need our careful care, which will ensure their more lasting durability and strength, and maintain a beautiful appearance in any case. Each product also requires us to use the appropriate product for care. Our skin releases sweat - a substance that causes hair to gradually fall off the wig. Friction also contributes to this. Natural wigs have no resistance to them, because they are not directly supported by sebum, that is, natural anti drying protection, not only moisten the cuticle of the hair, but also reduce friction. When we sleep on rough pillows, the friction is the strongest.

Please note that contact with fabric can make hair brittle, frequent and regular brushing is another cause of friction and hair loss. If we over comb our hair, we usually significantly weaken it. Some hair styling preparations may weaken the structure of the wig. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use the product specially designed for natural wig, which has a positive effect on maintaining its structure and preventing hair loss.


How do we properly care for natural wigs?

The correct care of natural wigs is extremely important, including several important steps

get ready:

First of all, we put the wig on a special bracket or hanger so that it will not move during the care and styling process.


Soak the hair on the scaffold in weak warm water. This should be done from top to bottom. It's also worth making sure the jets are as close to the hair as possible.



Applying shampoo, like soaking, should start at the top. So we put it on the top of our head and spread it down with fingers or a comb with large teeth spacing. Do not circle your hair with shampoo.

It's also necessary to wash it inside - to do this, turn it over, gently wash it inside, and gently massage the shampoo with your fingers. After foaming, wait a few minutes, then rinse the wig. You can repeat the operation as needed.



In the next step, rinse your hair and remove all shampoo. Let's start at the top again. A gentle stream of water is drawn from the tip of the Short Wig down the stream. Hair should be washed carefully until we are sure that all residues of the cosmetic have been removed.

Air conditioning applications:

An important element of care is also conditioner. To distribute it correctly on your hair, put it on your hand and rub it. Only in this way can it be gently applied to the hair. However, it's worth avoiding applying this type of makeup to the knots near the bottom, as they will loosen them, which will help hair loss. In order to improve the condition and proper hydration of wig, some manufacturers suggest soaking it in water with lip balm for several minutes instead of washing.

For every fourth times, you can use mask instead of lip balm to enhance the regeneration of natural hair. This will regenerate the hair and nourish it. After use, the regenerating mask should be left in the hair for about 10 minutes. Then rinse the hair with warm water.



Natural wigs also need to be properly dried. After washing, rinse and dry gently with a soft towel. Drain excess water from top to bottom. The wig should be placed on a special stand until it dries (for a few hours).

Although natural wigs respond well to styling and have various heat sources, they should not be used for wet hair. If not necessary, do not use them often. They are easy to cause wig damage, hair drying and wear quickly. It's also worth using special care and protective cosmetics for wigs and storing them in dry and tasteless rooms.


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