Best Tips On Solving Common Issues In Animal Crossing New Horizons


Jun 29, 2021

Nintendo Animal Crossing Switch New Horizons is a new leading games around the whole world. Although parts of its contents and actions are quite similar, other features like DIY equation, social system, etc. are not accessible previously. Due to the fact, there are many mechanics in the games, so you may have some difficulties, even if you're an experienced gamer. Today we want to share the best tips and tricks to solve four common issues that most players will have in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


You'll want to relocate structures in the latter part of the match if you don't design your island properly in the early stages. As long as your service office is built inside a formal structure, you may choose to "within regional planning" for public development. Please note: other buildings such as museums, businesses, residential houses can't be relocated, the key is: you need an ACNH bells!


The social structure of animal crossing progresses with the times, and the design of the "best buddy" is not utilized in the past. You may apply to each other to become the best buddy in the game when your friend visits your island. There is a natural distinction, that is, the best buddies can move shovels and axes on your island. You're right! You're right! This is "tearing the home down," therefore the doctor advised that the major chores should be clearly evaluated.


Some gamers may have the issue "can't read news from friends and can't be used for best friends by friends." It is most probably not possible to enable the communication feature in the bottom left corner of the "Best Friends List" and after opening the program you may hit the "-" key to start the conversation.


The New Horizons player of Animal Crossing has a frequent word, "touch." The ACNH furniture, clothing, wallpaper, floor and so on may be "touched." It's really the action of players who collect items, put them in their pockets and then put them back. The result is: "touched" goods are listed by the system in the catalog, and may be bought at the beaver terminal.


However, after certain items "touch," yet the guide cannot still be unlocked, why? For in the collection! The Animal Crossing Club is part of the DIY system. Only the back "tagged" items are not marked in the catalog, so the tactile technique cannot be used. You can only make resources for people who already have the equation and learn it. Doctor warns everybody: the other party may take them away when you touch each other's items and not return them!


Nook shopping restriction is that everyone may purchase just five goods from Animal Crossing a day at a maximum, although the ordering of donations does not fall under this limit. So you may talk to your friends who know you and select "gift-giving" when you purchase products. The items are instantly sent to the mailbox of your buddy and then returned face to face by the friend or forwarded to you via a love card attachment. We breached the restriction of five commodities in this manner.


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