How to Change Name On Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket?

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Jun 28, 2021

If you are one of those flyers who have made Southwest Airlines Reservations and need to roll out specific improvements in their flight details, you are at a suitable spot. We have crafted this comprehensive article that will help you through the name change policy of Southwest Airlines. This article contains detailed data that will help simultaneously.


Air travel would one say one of the best types of commute on the planet, isn't that so? Be that as it may, dealing with a flight booking can be diabolical—graciousness of the protracted systems, horrible use of time effectively, and client assistance. Luckily, Southwest Airlines booking care permits you more offices with significantly fewer problems included. 


The Airline is a minimal expense, whose client-driven techniques and approach have made it one of the USA's most cherished carriers. The aircraft gives you numerous online choices like dropping, booking, online check-ins, and much more. All of this provides flight executives admittance to each person and a superior flying involvement with the general. 


How might I change my name Online for a particular booking? 


The best way to change the name on a Southwest Airlines booking is by canceling the flight and booking a new one with your new or corrected name. However, if you don't want to go through that hassle, it is advisable to use Southwest Airlines' book a flight feature to get what you want. The following are the means to get your name changed on the flight booking; It's relevant just for minor blunders: 


  • Pick the browser of your inclination and login to the authority web-based homepage of Southwest Airlines. 

  • Figure out or find where the Manage booking option is on the homepage. Its location depends on the type of interface you are using. However, You will most probably find it on your menu bar.

  • Click on the Manage bookings option.

  • Fill in the necessary subtleties like your booking number and Last name. 

  • All your bookings will stack before the screen. 

  • Snap-on the booking you want to change the name and other things of.

  • Snap-on the change booking choice accessible there. 

  • Alter all the data you need on the managing table. 


Keep in mind, all of this should be done within the first 24-hours of booking the flight. Additionally, it is to be noted all of this is only applicable if you made the reservation at least 7 days prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.


Lawful Name Change choices 


Below are a few points you should remember before changing your name on the Southwest Official site. This will make you make a better decision and save you from a lot of hassle and time waste:


  • Assuming you wish to make changes to your flight, you will be permitted just a single time. You can make a wide range of changes just a single time on the flight. 

  • As a traveler, you may be permitted to address the spelling botch in your booking and not the full name.

  • Notwithstanding, assuming you are changing the authority name of the traveler, you need to give an authoritative report to that. You can change the name just on the off chance that you have prior authorization. 

  • Furthermore, for a wide range of changes, you can do a limit of 24 hours before the flight booking.

  • Keep in mind that Southwest Airlines does not allow name change of the passport or official documents in general.

  • Some of the few circumstances that allow you to change your name are when you get married or have a legal obligation to do so.

  • Even in the case of Marriage, the individual is allowed to change their last names.

  • If you need to have legitimate name changes in your authority, international IDs, and flight reservations, you can email "Southwest Airlines book a flight." The email should contain a formal solicitation on how and why you need to change your legal name. 

  • To back this activity, the customer should give both of the accompanying archives: 


  1. Marriage License 

  2. Court Order 

  3. Separation Decree 

  4. Or then again, Legal Name Change Document 


  • Thus, with the assistance of the soul's client care group, you can have a more precise and better insight. 

  • If you need to contact the Airline staff for help, the contact number is  1-860-579-6800, or you can email us at

  • The customer service team is your only backup in such situations. Just go through all your inquiries and queries with the Airline staff. They will make all the efforts to give you the desired result. You will, however, have to be ready with all the details and documents required by the Customer service team.



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