The Lesser-Known Benefits of CBD


Jun 27, 2021

As the rise in the popularity of CBD for many medical benefits continues to grow and the research on its proven benefits continues to expand, there are some benefits of CBD that are lesser-known as compared to others. This includes using CBD to quit smoking or even using CBD oil for muscles.

CBD for Quitting Smoking

Nicotine addiction is highly unhealthy, and those trying to quit may try different ways to do so. One of the ways that have been found effective in many cases is the usage of CBD to quit smoking. The primary way this helps is by combatting the symptoms that occur due to nicotine withdrawal. Some of these include headaches, sore throat, intense cravings, insomnia, constipation, nausea, slower heart rate, irritation and restlessness, and feelings of depression.

They also come with a few psychological withdrawal symptoms such as increased stress and anxiety, lethargy, low mood, frustration, anddifficulty focusing. One of the first ways CBD helps is by reducing the intense craving for nicotine due to the intake of CBD in the form of vapor. Research has shown that those treated with CBD to reduce their tobacco intake have reduced their intake by about 40%.


CBD for Muscle Recovery

One of the other ways CBD has been proven to help is by using CBD oil for muscles. Those that play intense sports or work out and end up with muscle spasms, aches, and soreness can use CBD oil to reduce the inflammation and soreness by applying it in the affected areas. This is especially encouraged for therapeutic use due to the anti-inflammatory, non-addictive and non-psychoactive properties of CBD products. Apart from these properties, CBD is also antiemetic, antipsychotic, antioxidative, and neuroprotective.Another main reason that CBD has been given to adult patients for their symptoms and pain is that it is less likely that their bodies will develop a tolerance for CBD and reduce its effectiveness in any way.

Aside from these temporary muscle spasms and aches, CBD has also been proven effective with those patients that have Multiple Sclerosis to reduce their symptoms and aches. Research has also suggested that CBD can be used by those who suffer from joint pain due to arthritis that helps reduce the pain and inflammation. Neuropathic pain can also be treated using CBD products, although more research needs to be done in this respect.

Finding Good CBD Products

With the high price of CBD products, it is essential to know that you are getting what you are paying for and avoid getting duped. CBD products are easily mislabeled by companies or even marketed misleadingly so that you pay a higher price than required. It is essential to check the product before you buy it. One of the aspects that can be checked is whether or not a third-party lab verified the product. If it hasn’t been attached to the product description, be sure to email them and ask for it, without which you shouldn’t purchase the product.

While reviewing the COA, be sure to check it for contaminants, potency, and its cannabinoid profile (whether or not it contains THC or terpenes). Be sure to check the ingredients list not to be given hemp seed oil instead of CBD. If available, be sure to get organically sourced products so that you are assured that it sticks to the legal regulations. Choose the correct type of product for your particular condition, whether oil, gummies, capsules, lotion, or edibles.




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