Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Special Feature Rewards and Price

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Jun 25, 2021

You can unlock a variety of great beneficial items and features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by exchanging your hard-earned Nook Miles for goodies through the game's Nook Miles rewards program.

Instructions on How to Use Nook Miles to Purchase Items 


Nook Miles can primarily be redeemed for items and feature unlocks at the Nook Stop terminal, which looks similar to an ATM and is located within Resident Services' lobby. Input data into the Tom Nook Nook Stop terminal and select the Redeem Nook Miles menu option, which becomes available after you have paid off your first 5000 Miles loan to Tom Nook.

Located within the Redeem Nook Miles menu is a list of exciting items and features that can be obtained by spending Nook Miles. Additional items and features will be unlocked at a later date in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Certain exciting rewards available early in the game are dependent on having the Nook Miles+ feature enabled, which can only be obtained by starting your second house loan with Tom Nook after completing your first house loan.

Nook Miles Can Be Redeemed Additional Features
Following is a preliminary list of the Nook Miles Rewards that are currently available under the Special category and can be purchased from the Nook Stop terminal after unlocking Nook Miles+. More items will be added to the Nook Stop as the game progresses, but for the time being, this list represents what is available at the start of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Ticket for Nook Miles – 2000 Miles.
Take this ticket to the airport if you want to take part in a special excursion. For more information, please inquire at the airport. It's possible to travel to mysterious deserted islands far away from your home island using the Nook Miles Ticket for 2000 Miles. It is possible that these mysterious islands will have fruit that is different from that of your home island, new villagers to meet and invite home, bamboo to harvest, flowers to pick, and an abundance of crafting materials to harvest. Keep in mind that you will receive a free Nook Miles Ticket from Tom Nook when the airport opens, so make sure to use that one before wasting your Nook Miles on another one too soon after receiving it. The Nook Miles Ticket can be repurchased as many times as you want, and you should do so.

The distance between Custom Design Pro Editor and 800 Miles
The Custom Designs app for the customer now includes professional design features. With the Custom Design Pro Editor for 800 Miles, you can unlock new features for the pattern editor, such as the ability to custom edit color palettes and the ability to use a greater variety of designs in your patterns.

The Recipes for Pretty Good Tools – 3000 Miles
A collection of six do-it-yourself recipes for tools that are extremely durable. It is possible to learn how to craft the next level of tools recipes with the Pretty Good Tools Recipes for 3000 Miles, which is an advancement from the Flimsy type of tools. This includes the fishing rod, net, ax, stone ax, watering can, and shovel, among other tools and implements. These upgraded tools are significantly more durable and will have a significantly longer lifespan than the previous Flimsy versions. This will save you time because you will spend less time crafting and gathering materials because you will not be wasting time.

Tool Ring with 800 Miles 
Allows you to use the Tool Ring to quickly switch between your favorite tools when necessary. With the Tool Ring: It's an absolute must! When you unlock for 800 Miles, a brand new interface option is made available to you, allowing you to more easily switch between tools. In the middle of your screen, you can access a Tool Ring by pressing the Up button on your D-Pad. The Tool Ring allows you to easily move the analog stick in a direction to select the appropriate tool. Making use of the Tool Ring is critical if you want to avoid wasting time in the inventory menu or cycling through the D-Pad, which is especially important when there are as many as eight or more tools to choose from.

A Pocket Organization Guide for Traveling More Than 5000 Miles
Information on how to organize your pockets to allow you to carry more items. With the Pocket Organization Guide for 5000 Miles, you can significantly increase the size of your inventory space by adding an entire new third row to the bottom of your inventory list! That's ten additional storage areas for additional fish, bugs, crafting materials, furniture, and other items. This upgrade may come at a high cost in terms of miles, but it is justified and accurately reflects how beneficial it is to have it available. We strongly advise that you purchase the Pocket Organization Guide upgrade as soon as possible.

First, decide which Nook Miles special features you want to purchase.
As soon as you start playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and see the Nook Miles Redeem menu, it can be a little overwhelming deciding which items to purchase first. If your goal is to progress through the game, the following is the recommended order in which to purchase the features listed under the Nook Miles Special category:
Tools for Pocket Organization: Tool Ring: Pocket Organization Guide:
It is absolutely necessary!
Recipes for Pretty Good Tools
Nook Miles Ticket Custom Design Pro Editor Nook Miles Ticket Custom Design Pro Editor
Pop hairstyles, cool hairstyles, and stylish hair colors are all on the list of the top eight.

For many reasons, we recommend that you purchase the Pocket Organization Guide as your very first purchase because it increases the maximum size of your inventory space by an entire third row, which is extremely useful in a variety of situations. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the ability to bring back significantly more items from Mystery Island Tours. We recommend that you purchase the Pocket Organization Guide before purchasing any Nook Miles Tickets, as your tickets will be put to much better use if you have more inventory space. In the following stages, the Tool Ring will prove to be extremely useful in making Animal Crossing: New Horizons feel a little less tedious. There is no doubt that opening your inventory or cycling through up to 8 tool items on the D-Pad will become tedious after a while, and the Tool Ring is designed to alleviate this problem. Finally, the Pretty Good Tools Recipes are extremely useful for reducing tediousness as they can increase the number of times your tools can be used before they break, resulting in less time spent tediously crafting just to perform basic tasks.


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