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by lakshitha
Can a managed router solution improve your network?

  Many of the current technological trends are affecting corporate networks. Companies rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for telecommunications to use Unified Communications (UC). Most companies have introduced cloud and cloud-based services. The Internet of Things (IoT) is also widely used.   All of these technologies require a high-speed, low-latency fiber network to function optimally. The transfer and processing of data generated with these technologies requires increased bandwidth.   Organizations that use a service provider for their network solutions may question the value of registering a managed router service from that provider. Organizations may be concerned about the cost of hiring a third party to manage their routers and may find this feature to be the best internal supply. IT managers may, however, fear that the managed service provider will deploy their internal team.   On the contrary, managed router service is a cost-effective way to expand your IT staff while gaining insight into your network and optimizing performance. Alignment with the first light Setting up, managing, and monitoring your network are tasks that take your IT staff away from your core business. Instead of working on innovative projects, your talented team should look for abnormal activities or fix blockages.   With managed router service, you can use service provider experts to make your employees easier. Network specialists can take over the process of implementing network hardware and software.   A managed service provider can provide 24/7 support and monitoring through a Network Operations Center (NOC). Monitoring is ongoing as hackers try to infect routers with malware. If successful, these infected routers can be armed or used to earn cryptocurrency.   Find the balance By working with a managed router service provider, your company can achieve the desired balance of control over the network. The managed service provider can take on the day-to-day tasks and continue to give your company a complete overview of your network and control how your tasks and data are managed.   With a fully managed router solution, reduce capital costs and avoid the costs of maintaining the security and settings of the managed router up to date. You will also get predictable monthly costs for a complete solution.   In a Gigamon survey, 67% of respondents indicated that the lack of visibility of their network was an obstacle to data protection. Without a network perspective, hackers can infiltrate your systems and stay there long to avoid detection.   Network blind spots can also lead to blockages that slow down data traffic and frustrate end users. A network operations center can monitor your network. The managed router service can also create the correct protocols for routing traffic and prioritizing workloads.   The right managed service provider works closely with your company to determine what work tasks and applications are essential to your business. In this way, workloads can be prioritized and managed by balancing the task and allocating resources.   increase performance Increasing performance with the first light It is important that your network is operating at a high level of performance. Today's advanced applications can tighten your network. Networks need to move large amounts of data at full speed so that actionable decisions can be made using real-time information.   If you work with a managed router service provider, you can hold them accountable for network performance. A service provider can help you establish a basis for network performance so that you can determine when more capacity is needed. Your service level agreement (SLA) should indicate the level of performance you can expect.   With managed router service, your provider ensures that you receive router upgrades so that your network works optimally. Your provider can also choose routing protocols that best manage and speed up your network traffic. Also read: managed it services

Aug 6, 2020
by Steve Smith
Things to Know About Best Arabic Translation Services

Arabic Language   The Arabic language is ranked the fifth most commonly spoken language with a total of 300 million speakers. It has two popular versions as modern and classic Arabic language. Classic Arabic version is considered as the language of the Quran, the sacred book of Muslims around the globe. Arabic alphabets consist of 28 letters. The interesting fact about the language is that it is written from right to left. In the Arabic language, we must pay more attention to dots, as dots are used to differentiate a letter to from another. If a single dot is mistakenly added, it can cause major changes in the meaning of the word. Being such a sensitive language, translation of any languages to Arabic or visa-Versa is difficult.   Arabic to English Translation Service   To overcome this, we provide Arabic to English translation services by our native Arabic translators. As they have more knowledge in the language, understand the language in depth. We have highly skilled native Arabic translators who can understand both the source and target language, and they help us to provide professional Arabic translation services across the globe.   Our success in translation services lies with our translator’s collaborative teamwork. They understand the urgent needs of the customers and offer cheap and best Arabic translation services. Also, they provide fast turnaround time without making any compromises in the quality and accuracy of the work.   We provide translation services in 100+ languages for all industries. For example, if you are in the need of birth certificate translation from Arabic to English, our best Arabic document translation services offered by our native translators help us meet your expectations. Being a member of the American Translators Association (ATA member), all your translated documents will contain the essence of your original document. In Arabic document translation services, our customers have varying needs. By understanding them, we provide different types of Arabic translation services to all our customers such as Arabic legal translation services Arabic official document translation service Arabic medical document translation services Arabic financial document translation services Arabic technical document translation services By valuing clients highly sensitive documents, we always prioritize to provide safe and secure translation services in all languages.   Why people prefer human Arabic translation agencies than Automatic?   Some words cannot be translated by machine and some are not accurate. Automated machines cannot understand the tone of the language. The dots in the Arabic language can be misplaced by machine translation and change the entire meaning of the word. Even though machine translations are cheap and fast, this cannot be used for translating complex words and sentences of the Arabic language.   To avoid the flaws made by online translation services, people prefer human translation services to give the best translation service without negotiating the tone, accuracy and quality of the original one. Depending upon the project size and hours of work involved, the cost and turnaround time may vary.

Jul 20, 2020
by Monicabuffey
Academic Research Transcription Services for Students

1. Students: Devotion within the study room for a pupil is of paramount importance. However, conventional coaching space gives abundant delights. A scholar in a limited time provided for the lecture has to make notes all of the even as wholly know-how what the lecturer is making an attempt to convey. Also, there is probably an “more” garrulous learner – every lecture room has them – trying to make your school room setting greater umm motivating. Also, for a foreign scholar, the accessory of the professor might not continually be clear. Recording the lecture, giving it a further listen, and then subsequently copying it out it's far the great viable answer for a pupil. However, in a day you need to parse thru hours of lecture – a number of which might not even be comprehensible. Online lecture transcription offerings will assist in fostering the participation inside the study room and aid to put you above the pack. Besides, edited (or even verbatim) transcription can also help in grammatically specific recording of lectures selling intellectual retention.   2. Lecturers and professors: Lecturers and professors also are the usage of academic transcriptions service for a similar reason as the college students – to transcribe lectures (primarily). Transcripts are simpler to proportion than handwritten notes and transcripts quintessentially are handouts that assist sell gaining knowledge of among college students.  Also, it lets in professors to spend more time in matters of importance – research, coaching students, and even enjoy some leisurely time!   3. Universities and colleges: Whether it's miles in facilitating the look at substances to college students or transcribing meetings and seminars, or recording the students’ needs and supplying resolutions to them, or transcribing guidelines for the university – first-class instructional transcription service are here that will help you out. Transcription can also help with numerous organizational aspects besides supporting with academia, thus, benefitting the university. When is academic transcription services used? 1. Transcription of lectures 2. Seminars, conferences, conferences 3. Thesis and dissertations 4. Research papers and magazine articles 5. Research questionnaires 6. Transcription of focus organization discussions, and interviews How does an Academic transcription carrier work? Begin by importing your recorded audio lectures, seminars, FGDs, or maybe printed documents. After the payment, the files are confidentially sent to instructional transcriber(s). Academic transcribers warrant accurate transcription. For example for a non-scientific transcriber phrase “Glaucoma” may additionally sound like something to do with glucose (sugar) but an expert transcriber knows what the phrase represents and transcribe accurately. The transcribers will warrant that your transcription is done with utmost upkeep and esteem. After transcription, the texts are proof-examine by expert first-class controllers. The written transcripts are forwarded to you on your use.  Academic studies transcription services guarantee which you shop time, avoid redundant syntactic mistakes, and your transcription goals are met. Prevent sore eyes, hand cramps, and laptop imaginative and prescient syndrome using the web transcription. 

Jun 30, 2020
by patrikjoe
Major Factors Of Certified Translation Services

All You Need To Know About Certified Translation   The transcription services convert the oral file into simple texts. The simplification of the message in documents helps the message reach a broader audience. The oral form of any information is available in abundance. Thus people nowadays are seeking for transcribed papers. The printed materials are more accurate with all the information and policies. The business also needs text transcription to maintain all the sensitive records and data. Here are some points that will help you know why your business needs a Certified Translation Services.   Importance Of Certified Translation Services Accuracy   The Certified Document Translation Services has years of experience in transcribing various files. A vast year of knowledge increases the accuracy in the professionals. They adapt themselves to handling all the critical documents. Hiring such a professional will assure you the level of skill for transcribing your business documents. The skilled transcriptionist will deliver you a superior transcription of confidential data.   Right Tools   The certified transcriptionist has all the tools to transcribe all the necessary files without any error. The tools help the transcriptionist to complete your documents faster with a higher level of accuracy. Many businesses also provide complex transcription that takes time, but with the right tools available, a transcriptionist can deliver the document in the shortest possible duration.   Experience and Knowledge   Online Certified Translation Services has professionals who have years of experience in the field. The professionals have all the knowledge and background to compete. They are used to jargons and the technical terms associated with every business.   The professional will quickly grasp your documents and deliver you accurate transcription at an affordable cost.   Greater Security of Confidential Files   Every business has private files. These files need complete privacy to keep all the data safe. Appointing your staffs to transcribe such files may lead to exposure of essential data. The Certified Document Translation Services provides you with complete security. They provide the best security measures to protect the information. So hiring the certified translation services will make your confidential information secure.   Reduces the Time of Processing   The Certified Document Translation Services saves your time in many ways. Certified translation services have linguistic experts and translators. These experts transcribe the documents accurately as quickly as possible. Extensive years of experience in transcription make them acquainted with all kinds of project. So, you don’t have to wait longer for transcription of the essential documents. Certified Document Translation Services have professionals who analyze your files quickly and delivers you transcribed file within the required time.   Enable You to Focus on Operations   Hiring the Certified Translation Services Online enables the businesses to focus on the operations. The staffs can comfortably concentrate on their duties and increase productions. The teams don’t have to spend hours transcribing the media files. Appointing the professionals will enable your business to serve the customer and increase efficiency.   On the other hand, every business has confidential documents. Transcribing those documents by the staffs can lead to exposure of sensitive information. So, hiring professionals for transcription of the business document will reduce the work pressure and protect your data.

Jun 29, 2020
by Heward
Translation Services Orlando| Affecting Industries & Economy

  Orlando, one of the most beautiful cities of the world and home to dozens of theme parks, is a city located in the Florida state of the US. The city is world-famous for its Walt Disney World and other such theme parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot along with many more water parks as well. Orlando is popular throughout the globe for being an entertainment spot regardless of your age.   The city has cemented its place under the top tourist locations and is one of the most visited cities every year. Universal Orlando, which is known for offering Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, is another major entertainment attraction destination of the city. Millions of tourists visit Orlando every year. Entertainment and tourism are the two major industries contributing to the economy of Orlando. But both of these industries cannot survive and will not be able to contribute the same in the city’s economy without approaching translation services Orlando. Be it entertainment or tourism, attracting a worldwide audience is super important for both the industries and it is impossible to do so without Orlando translation services.   Translating the audio/ video content for the entertainment industry is the only way to make it reach millions around the planet. As people prefer entertainment content either in their native language or with subtitles translated into a language they know. On the other hand, tourism is an industry where individuals from foreign lands are coming to a new place, and language has a key role to play in deciding if their foreign trip will be a fit or a fail. The elimination of this language barrier is only by bridging this gap with certified translation services Orlando.   But these two are not the only industries giving their valuable contribution to the economy of the city. Orlando is famous for many other industries as well. These majorly include: Aviation & Aerospace: Orlando is the gateway to the aviation and aerospace industry with giants like Boeing, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin’s operational houses being in the city. Life Sciences: With more than 700 hospitals & research centers, 4,700+ pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies and 85,000 individuals working in the life science industry, Orlando is one of the leading cities for the life science sector. Manufacturing: Florida has 18,200+ manufacturing plants/ units and the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida is located in Orlando which plays a vital role in hiring newly graduated skilled talent. Defense & Homeland Security: There are around 55 defense companies working in Orlando with more than 5,800 employees. The city offers great opportunities in the industry from manufacturing equipment to satellite telecommunication. Information Technology: Technology is the third largest industry in the city is growing fastest among others. Orlando is home to world-famous companies like EA Sports, Code School, and many more. A few other industries are financial & professional services, logistic & distribution, clean technology, autonomous vehicles, digital media, medical technology, simulation, and optics & photonics. Regardless of the industry, the contribution it is making in the economy of Orlando is only possible because such giant international companies are hiring document translation services Orlando for reaching a global audience in their language and thus making permanent customers.

Jun 24, 2020
by ShopBack
ShopBack Look Back: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Writer: Ying Ying Wu Date: 2018   As 2017 does its curtain call and puts everyone in the reflective mood, we ask our employees to recall their day one at ShopBack. While not all had a memorable day one, everyone had a special moment to share.   From breaking the website on the first day of work to sleeping in the lobby after a red-eye flight, these stories illustrate the #LifeAtShopBack and demonstrate the #TeamKICKON values.   Take a stroll down memory lane with ShopBack as we look back on our journey in three segments: Day One Nightmares, Never Ending Customer Obsession, Spend Less; Save More.     Day One Nightmares     My welcome email says: ‘Please come to XXX Mansion and knock on room 111 by 10.00AM.’ It sure sounds dodgy but I still went ahead. That was actually the Airbnb office where ShopBack Thailand started. -Chayapat Boonyanit, Campaign Manager, ShopBack Thailand   “On my first day at work, I drove out in the CEO’s car to buy my own laptop using his credit card. That was just a year back when you see 5 new faces every week. Resources were super stretched and there was no proper on-boarding process. You had to figure out things on your own.” – Scott Tan, Regional Head of CRM     “I broke the website on my first day at work and sent the entire engineering team scrambling for the root cause. When they finally traced it to me, I was horrified. Breaking the site is hardly the way to making a good first impression. Lucky for me, the issue was quickly resolved. But people got a dressing down because of what I did.   The first lesson learned at ShopBack: A small mistake on your end may be a costly one for others. Always know the implications of your actions before taking action.” – Joycelyn Sim, Campaign Manager, ShopBack Singapore   “They told me not to touch the snack box as there’s a cockroach cruising in it. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t dispose the box and instead co-exist with it. I guess everyone was just too swamped to care!” – Chan Guiting, Regional Head of Design     “Grand Indonesia Starbucks was our first office, simply because we didn’t have any physical presence when we started. We’d park ourselves there from day to night, Monday to Friday.   Candidate interviews were done there, the first campaign was crafted there, customer service calls were taken there. The staff could recognise us and they’d even save seats for us when we happened to come in late.” – Inge Kosasih, Marketing (Campaign) & Merchant Relations Manager, ShopBack Indonesia     “I lost my laptop on the night right before our first Singles’ Day sales at ShopBack Taiwan. I panicked. There was a campaign that I needed to manually activate when the clock struck twelve. That loss of laptop could result in the loss of thousand over orders.   I retraced my steps and finally found it in the Watsons store after 2 hours of frantic search. It was already 11.00PM. I rushed home and started working immediately. Nothing was lost in the end. I was so lucky!” – Kirsten Tsao, Campaign Manager, ShopBack Taiwan     “My first lesson at ShopBack: Don’t waste time gunning for the ‘perfect’ answer. During my first week, I was asked to solve a problem that was new to me. All I could think of was how to roll it out flawlessly at the first try.   Unfortunately, even after a full day of studying the problem, I couldn’t come up with the ‘model answer’. When our CEO checked in with me, he immediately pointed out the issue. Don’t be fixated on perfection. Build a prototype, test it out and see if it works. If it works on a small scale, keep on going. If it breaks, revisit the prototype and fix it. Repeat until it works.” – Alex Teo, Head of People Ops     “I was last in the chain of interns doing data in the “monkey work” way. It took me 2 hours just to compare data across 2 excel sheets.   I grew tired of the process and taught myself automation. In 2 months, the “monkey work” which used to take me an entire day was done in an hour. I was finally free to do other stuff that’s way more meaningful!” – Jacob Eyo, Data Analyst     Never Ending Customer Obsession     “There was a customer who publicly voiced his displeasure about us. We tried to get in touch with him immediately but to no avail. There was a need to understand his pain points in greater detail to help him resolve the issues.”   I did a little investigation and found out from the customer’s public profile that he’ll be working at a book fair over the weekend. So I went to the fair, identified the customer, approached him and ironed out all issues on the spot.” – Tan Junqi, Customer Experience & Operations     “We were super nervous about ShopBack Taiwan’s first Singles’ Day sales. As a new kid on the block, it was crucial for us to ensure that everything was smooth our customers. That night, I was handling customer enquiries in my living room. It was about 1 AM when I heard my boss (Joel Leong)’s voice.   I thought that I was hallucinating until I heard him again. Could it be that Joel is hiding in my house to surprise me? It was then that I realised the TV was on and Joel was in the news! So proud of my boss. I wouldn’t mind if he was hiding in my house though.” – Charlyn Chen, Customer Experience, ShopBack Taiwan     “In the earlier days, I was the sole Customer Service (CS) agent. There was once when we on-boarded a reward system that’s widely popular with aunties and uncles. That’s when I got super swamped.   They’d no idea how to use ShopBack and I had to show them the ropes. But the messages never stopped pouring in. So I just continue to work until 5 am every day. From 9 am, of course. I was lucky to have a kind-hearted intern who offered to share the load with me. She eventually became our CS queen.” – Joel Leong, Co-Founder   “It was about 3 weeks before Valentine’s Day when I received a call from a customer. He sounded a little desperate over the phone. After teaching him how to use ShopBack, he thanked me and asked if he could get my opinion on something else.   He was at a loss for what to get for his girlfriend and needed some advice from me. So the 3-minute call became a 30-minute call. He decided on a Shopbop watch in the end.” – Camille Pabustan, Regional Customer Experience/Office Manager     Spend Less; Save More   There are plenty of less-than-glamorous stories behind that glossy facade of Co-Founder. Take the ShopBack F(l)ight Club for example.   3 Rules: First flight in, last flight out [so that the entire work day is maximised] Budget airline only Budget accommodation only The above applies to all jet-setters. Our CEO is an exemplary practitioner of these rules.   “Once, I arrived in the Philippines at 4 AM – alone. Somehow my Airbnb host misunderstood my arrival time, so the apartment was not ready for me. I had to sleep in the lobby.” – Lai Shanru, Co-Founder   “Due to budget constraints, we had to be our own influencers. So I volunteered to be one of the hosts on our FB LIVE show since I like to talk (a lot).   It was super fun. Even though the audience isn’t huge, you’ll want to make a great show for them. Over time, people start noticing stuff about you, like your haircuts or even weight loss/gain.I feel like a celebrity.” – JK Salandanan, Campaign Manager and CRM Associate, ShopBack Philippines     “BLK71 couldn’t hold our growing numbers anymore, so we had to move. As the new office at BLK77 is just a few blocks away, we didn’t hire any movers. We DIY-ed everything.   It was quite a sight seeing over 60 people using office chairs as trolleys to facilitate the shift. The whole event was further dramatised by the pouring rain halfway through the move. Then to top it off, the lift broke down. We had to keep everything dry while lugging tables, cupboard etc. up 3 flights of stairs. That’s my favourite ShopBack moment to date.” – Sebastian Lee, Software Engineer     “When we (finally) moved into the new office, we went IKEA to purchase a few drawer units after working hours. To make the whole DIY assembling process more efficient, we compete to see who can complete it in the shortest time. Everyone was rushing to win even when there’s no prize given! I was super motivated by this crazy bunch beside me.” – Lyn Ng, Head of Communications, ShopBack Malaysia   “Our Co-Founder Joel Leong always almost (or almost always) misses his flights. He claimed that being later than usual is a trick to getting a free upgrade – at a 50% chance of success. So I put it to test on my next work trip. And I got a free upgrade to business class!”   *Disclaimer: We’re not liable for the flight that you might miss for following this ‘travel tip’. – Ethan Ang, Talent Acquisition Intern    

Mar 23, 2020
by Jenny
Great Teaching Positions for First Time Teachers

Q: Tell us about yourself and what brought you to Korea. Hi, I'm Jenny and I've always had an interest in living abroad, but I wasn't sure how to afford it. So when I found out about teaching abroad, I was super excited! Before coming to Korea, I did a lot of research about different countries and I decided that Korea offered the most in terms of what I was looking for. As an English teacher, I receive free housing, free airfare, and I am able to save a lot of money.   Q: Why did you choose YBM ECC? When I was a teenager, I did a lot of babysitting and I really enjoyed playing with kids. Therefore, I knew that I wanted to teach younger children - around elementary to middle school age. When I began to look for jobs, I found a lot of academies that were geared for younger children, but YBM ECC was the only organization that offered teacher training, which I knew would be helpful for me because I'd never taught before.   Q: What do you enjoy most about working for YBM ECC? Besides the awesome kids, I work with a lot of great people who have become my mentors. My manager is really great and always has my back when issues arise with students or parents.    Q: What's a day at YBM ECC like for you? When I first arrive at work in the morning, I start prepping for classes. The students don't come in until an hour later, so I'm free to prepare materials and check homework before they arrive. I teach 5 1-hour classes a day, with 10 minute breaks in-between. After the last class finishes, I'm free to start preparing for the next day. Once the work day has ended, I join the other teachers and we all eat dinner or go back to our apartments and relax.

Nov 30, 2019