Help Services

Important Numbers

Police: 112 (Translation Available)
Fire and Ambulance: 119 (Translation Available by Dialing 1330)
Emergency Medical Information Center: 1339 (English, Japanese and Chinese available)
Korea National Police Agency: from "International" dropdown menu)
119: (Korean)
National Emergency Management Agency (Information about 119 in English):
Emergency Medical Information Center:

Calling Assistance

International Telephone Information: 00794
International Calls Using Dialing Assistance: 00799
Local Directory Assistance: 114
Long Distance Directory Assistance: Area Code + 114
Seoul Dasan Call Center

Operators at the Seoul Dasan Call Center provide callers with basic information about visiting and living in Seoul. Information is available about transportation, interpretation services, restaurants, Korean and foreign language schools, tourist attractions and other topics of interest to the foreign community.

Phone: 120 (02−1220 from cell phones and calls outside of Seoul)

Seoul Global Center

Located near City Hall, the Seoul Global Center offers information and assistance to foreigners living and working in Seoul. Information and assistances on topics including immigration, driver’s licenses, business issues and daily living are available online and at their City Hall location, as well as at Global Village Centers, which are located in communities with a high foreign population. The Global Center also offers Korean language and cultural classes, as well as annual information fairs.

Seoul Global Center:

Travel Hotline 1330

Bilingual operators are available 24 hours a day to provide English assistance and travel information to callers throughout Korea. Information is available on transportation, tourist attractions, restaurants and other topics of interest to both visitors and foreign residents. Operators can also provide assistance during emergency situations, providing interpretation over a 3-way conference call with the 119 emergency call center.

Landline: 1130
Mobile Phone: Area Code + 1130
Information about Areas Outside of Seoul: Area Code of Region + 1330
Immigration Contact Center

The Immigration Contact Center provides counseling over the phone on immigration, visa, sojourn and nationality issues in 17 languages. Interpretation services are also available for the central government, local governments, public organizations and non-government organizations.

Mobile phone and land line: 1345
Korea Immigration Services:

bbb, which stand for ‘Before Babel Brigade,’ provides 24-hour phone interpretation services in 17 languages. The organization, which operates through nearly 3,000 volunteers across Korea, was launched in 2002 when Korea hosted the FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan. Volunteers provide phone interpretation services anywhere in Korea for a variety of situations including transportation, medical care, shopping, dining and travel.

Korea Public Transportation Guide

The Korea Tourist Association has created an online guide to public transportation throughout Korea. Subway, bus, rail, express bus, ferry and flight information is available, including route maps and fare and schedule information. The website also has a Pathfinder feature, which provides detailed information on the best routes to a destination, using buses and the subway in the Greater Seoul Metropolitan Area.

Korea Public Transportation Guide:

International Embassies and Consulates in Korea
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

For a complete list of Diplomatic Missions in Korea, as well as Korean Missions Overseas, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) website,
Embassy of Australia in Seoul
Honorary Consulate of Australia in Busan

Embassy of Canada in Seoul
Consulate of Canada in Busan

Embassy of Ireland in Seoul
Honorary Consul of Ireland in Seoul

Embassy of New Zealand in Seoul

Embassy of South Africa in Seoul

The British Embassy in Seoul

Embassy of the United States in Seoul

Consulate of the United States in Busan

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