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Jan 26, 2015

World Best Casino In Service - Paradise Casino aims to be the number one brand-name casino. We will always sincerely provide the best service to our guests.


An unknown world of excitement is just 3 minutes away from Incheon International Airport. At PARADISE CASINO INCHEON, you may enjoy the greatest gaming and service while you are here on international business.


Like its name, our casino is the Paradise Casino Incheon to the Korean casino experienced. Opened in 1967 at Paradise Hotel Incheon as the first domestic casino exclusively for foreigners, our casino has over forty years of history and tradition, and our fame and reputation is still going strong to this day.

The Paradise Casino Incheon is located 3 minutes from Incheon International Airport in the five star Grand Hyatt Incheon. Our guests always feel that they are entering an exciting new world as they enter our distinctive and modern interior designs.
We also provide our guests from across the world with services to make them feel right at home. In addition to gaming, we constantly host a variety of events and shows for their enjoyment.

Our games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker, coupled with the lively sounds of slot machines, are sure to relieve the stress of all our guests.



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Address : 2850-1, Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon

Location : Incheon-si > Jung-gu


From Incheon Int’l Airport
Airport Circular Shuttle Bus
- Airport Circular Shuttle Bus (to Cargo Terminal) is operated at No.3 and No.12 Gates at the 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal (Departure floor)
- Interval: 8~12 minutes / Time taken: About 3 minutes
Hotel Shuttle Bus
- Grand Hyatt Incheon Shuttle at Passenger Terminal Fl.1 (Arrival floor) 3C and 14C Gates
- Interval: 15 minutes / Time taken: About 3 minutes

From Gimpo Airport
By KAL Limousine
- Get on at Gimpo Airport and get off at the entrance of Grand Hyatt Incheon Hotel
- Operating time: Gimpo Airport (04:00~22:10) ↔ Grand Hyatt Incheon (4:48~20:55)
- Route: Gimpo Airport ↔ Incheon Int’l Airport ↔ Grand Hyatt Incheon

By Car
After New Airport Tollgate pass Yeongjong Bridge, go straight for 10~15 min., and pass entrance way of Airport New city.
Then you can see GS gas station on the left.
Pass GS gas station and exit the entrance way of International business complex on the right. After 1~2 minutes,
you can see Grand Hyatt Incheon at the end of left way.

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We think that real casinos are not merely places of fleeting luck, but rather where that luck is turned into happiness. Every day in Paradise, we are preparing a wide variety of events so that each gu > READ MORE
We think that real casinos are not merely places of fleeting luck, but rather where that luck is turned into happiness. Every day in Paradise, we are preparing a wide variety of events so that each guest can leave with a precious memory of a one of a kind experience.

Paradise represents the best in global entertainment with our sense of tradition and class.

We at Paradise Casino are always giving the sincerest and best of services to our guests as we continually strive to earn recognition as the ‘World Best Casino’ Whether it is our attitude towards guests, running our games, or improving the quality of our staff and services, our professionally-minded staff at Paradise Casino are doing everything possible to become the world’s best. > Less more
Paradise Headquater
Address : 268, Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL : 82-2-2271-2121
Location :
+ Subway : 20m from Gate 1 of Dongguk University Station on Subway Line 3
+ Bus : Dongguk University Stop for bus lines 0212, 144, 301, and 420