Paper Robean: awesome place for paper craft

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Jun 13, 2016

Hot sunny days are coming up.

You don’t want to stay at home but don't want to get tanned? Here is a suggestion for you to do while avoiding the hot hot sun! laugh

Did you ever been to Hongik University before? Paper Robean is close to Hongik Uni.


Paperobean is a  cafe, but not just a coffee shop. In this place you can build something with paper craft while drinking cold beverage! Isn't it cool? 

They have coffees, juices, chocolate, lemon iced tea, and etc, a lot of things you can eat/ drink while you are doing paper craft.

So for the coffee, it is around 3,000 – 4,000 Won. Organic chocolate is 3,500 Won and lemon iced tea is also 3,500 Won.

There are varieties of paper crafts that you can make. So go on the website and check it before you go.



Let's see some examples, pictures down below is all maden by Paper Robean.

This is made for children. As you can see, you can use them in life too!

For the monkey, it can used as hanger and for the tiger it can be a smartphone cradle.


Find out more on the website,   Here is the website with English for you to check easily.




Actually, Paperobean is having promotions now at Hongik University branch! Let’s see any of these fit to you.


Events (til August 30th)


Event 1. If you are couple, get a free chance to take Polaroid picture!

Event 2. After taking Polaroid picture, you can get free paper craft.

Event 3. For those of you who are using Facebook or Instagram. Post about Paperobean or hash tag, and then show it to one of the staffs there.

                   You will get an extra 20% off chance! (but, if you purchased more than 10,000 Won)

Event 4. You can get a chance to carve initial into your purchased paper craft.

                   After you purchased an item by online, leave your initial on the 'MEMO' blank @ the ordering page. (should be less than 10 letters)


                  * This promotion is applicable for reservation for those of you made on Saturday and Sunday Only.

                  * If you are buying more than 30,000 Won. This promotion will applicable for only one product.

                  * Every Thursday is the last day of order to applicable for this promotion.





Address : Yeonhuiro 28, Hongik building, Floor 1

Location : Seoul-si > Seodaemun-gu


*1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
*More Info: +82-2-322-1809

Time: Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 – 22:00 (Monday Closed)


*Take Line 2 to the Hongik University Station and go out Exit 2.
Then go straight down the street til you see the Alpha stationery store, and go across the street to Shinhan bank. Go walk down the street about 237m, then Paperobean will be on your right side.

Paper Robean is a place where you can build paper craft by your hands.
Paper Robean is a place where you can build paper craft by your hands. > Less more