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 Apr 05, 2016

There are some useful apps which could help you travel in Korea easier.



Google Translator



When you are traveling in Korea, you would find out not so many Koreans know how to speak in English.


It is not hard to face the 'Nou Engrisshhhhh' moments. 


And to exaggerate they just run away without saying a thing.


However, it is 21 century and the technology had improved


a lot to translate 99% correctly for you to express what you need.



Naver Map



While most of you are already used to Google Maps and use it on a regular basis,


sadly Google Maps is not that useful in Korea. You can find addresses, sure,


but you won’t really be able to calculate how long it will take you from spot


A to spot B by car or by foot, just by public transportation, if there is. I would recommand


you to use the Naver Map. It even offers routes by bike.


Moreover, on Naver, you can see more details on the subway stops,


such as which exits have elevators (this could be extremely useful for people with reduced mobility).






If you are not traveling one city but more, than you can use the Korail app


to check train times and book tickets for ordinary Korail trains and the KTX while you are on the go.



Subway or Ji ha cheol


This app provides the latest subway map of Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Gwangju.


It has multi-language support such as English, Korean, and Japanese.


As the NAVER MAP shows how long it will take you from spot to spot, this app also


provides real-time transit information, timetable, transfer information, station/area gude, and so on.


Moreover, Route finder that allows you to find the easiest and quickest transfer route.



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Try some useful apps for traveling in Korea and have a fine trip.
Try some useful apps for traveling in Korea and have a fine trip. > Less more