Self Baking in a Cruise

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Apr 05, 2016

Kim Tak Ku, The king of Baking Appears in Han River!!



Experience self baking at a Beautiful Han RIVER, like Memories of Palbong Master said, “Trust Yourself”


Captain, Is that possible to bake on the Han River instead of baking in a Palbong Bakery?


“Like we always did, we can bake anywhere in anytime with excitements. We trust you!!”



1. Self Baking (30 min)


Be a king of Baking, Self Baking!!



Maximum of 200 people can experience baking in our bakery at the same time.


We prepare 160 grams of dough for each person, baker will explain how to make


dough into a bread. It will take around 30 min to make dough for fermentation and baking.


For those time, you will get aboard on Cruise ship and enjoy the Pang Show.


After you came back from the Cruise, you also can taste and take your own Breads.



2. Cruise Ship (60 min)


Romance and Relaxation on the Cruise



While waiting for your own bread after the self baking experience.


You will enjoy beautiful sight and night view of Han River and Seoul.




3. Pang Pang Show



World Best Exciting Show



Travel has to be exciting!!


That is why we prepared Pang Show on the Cruise.


You will enjoy the Dance, Music and Drums of our performers.


It will be an excellent and memorable show in Korea.



Period : OPEN RUN


Price : 38,000


Online Ticket Reservation Only : Interpark


Location : Terminal 1, E-Land Cruise, Yeouido (85-1 Yeouido-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul)



Line 5 Yeouinaru Station Exit 3



Yeouinaru Station Exit 2 (7613, 7611, 6633, 5713, 5633, 5618, 5615, 5534, 1008, 753, 362, 61)

Yeouinaru Station Exit 1 (9409, 7611, 6623, 6630, 5713, 5633, 5634, 753, 461, 380, 261)


Operationg Hours : 17:00, 20:00


Running Time : 100 Min


Telephone : +82)2-722-4400


Address : 여의도동 85-1

Location : Seoul-si > Yeongdeungpo-gu
경기도 양평군 용문연 신청리 369-5
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