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Mar 31, 2016


Need a place to stay?

Are you still looking for a house alone in Korea?

ZIP Housing provides translation and interpretation service for foreigners.

We give free consults about housing problems and provide offline guide service.


ZIP Housing's main focus is providing knowledge about the Korean real estate market and giving translation and interpretation services during househunting.

Service Process :)






[Budget for contract]

(1) Contract fee

You pay the contract fee when you are signing the contract. This fee has two roles
- Room reservation: The owner can’t sign the contract with other tenant after this payment.
- Promise: Someone who cancels the contract will pay this amount to the other party
  *Contract fee is around 10% of the deposit (200,000-1,000,000won)
  *You will pay the deposit, excluding the contract fee amount.



(2) Real estate commission

You make this payment as soon as you sign the contract. The fee depends on the contract amount, but it is usually around 250,000-450,000won.
For detail information, please check out the chart below.


Amount of Contract Maximum Rate Maximum Commission Amount
Lesser than 50mil won 0.5% 200,000 won
50mil-100mil won 0.4% 300,000 won
100mil-300mil won 0.3% N/A


※ Calculation

1) Amount of Contract=Deposit + (Monthly Rent x 100)
*If the amount of contract is smaller than 50mil won, you will use formula below.
**Amount of Countract=Deposit + (Monthly Rent x 70)
2) Maximum Commission Amount >='Amount of Contract' x 'Maximum Rate'
3) Commission for the officetel is higher than villa. Maximum rate is 0.4%-0.9%.
Therefore, when you want to sign the contract, you need to prepare the contract fee and the commission.




[Budget for living]

(1) Deposit & Monthly rent



  Deposit Rent

Seoul - Popular Area (Gangnam, Hongdae,

Sinchon, Konkuk, etc)

KRW 5mil-10mil KRW 400,000-750,000won
Seoul - Unpopular Area (Sinrim, Gimpo, etc) KRW 1mil-5mil KRW 300,000-500,000won
Outside of Seoul KRW 1mil-5mil KRW 300,000-500,000won



*This is just a sample of one year contract of studio.

The price will differ a lot dependent on the contract term, room type, etc.
- If you pay higher deposit, you can pay lesser rent.

For example, you will pay 50,000won rent lesser, if you pay 5,000,000won deposit more.



(2) Maintenance fee

This is kind of building fee and you pay this to the owner with your rental payment.

Sometimes, maintenance fee includes water, internet or TV.

In case of villa, this fee is from 0-70,000won and the fee for officetel is double.



(3) Utility bill

Utility bill includes electricity, gas and water. You will pay this as much as you use.

You can just transfer the money to the bank account on the bill.

If you delay to pay this for 3 months, then the utility supply may stop.


< Sample utility fee>


KRW Studio Two Bedrooms
Electricity-Summer 7,000-30,000 10,000-45,000
Electricity-Winter 7,000-15,000 10,000-25,000
Gas-Summer 5,000-15,000 7,000-20,000
Gas-Winter 20,000-150,000 30,000-200,000
Water 5,000-7,000 7,000-15,000

*This amount will be different dependent on the usage.
*To cut the utility fee, it is good to not use too much heater on winter
*Electricity bill is based on progressive tax




[ Housing Guide REQUEST ]

(1) E-mail, SNS, Skype consultation

      The manager of ZIP Housing will give feedback based on the customer's request form.

(2) Property search for the offline guide

      After deciding on the area and budget for the property through consulting,

      ZIP Housing will contact the real estate agencies for a meeting to see the properties.

(3) Offline guide service (5hours)

      The customer and ZIP Housing visit real estates together to look for houses and give advice, translation, negotiation services.

(4) Translate on the phone when giving/receiving the deposit money in the moving in/moving out day

      After signing the contract, help with the communication between the real estate / owner with the customer.

(5) Help with the internet installation


[ Service cost ]

▸Areas inside of Seoul : 100,000KRW => 70,000KRW (Discount period)
▸Areas outside of Seoul : Service in preparation
▸Standard Offline guide service is 5 hours.
   - In these hours it includes guiding + signing the contract.
   - If you wish to look for more houses after the standard 5 hours, it costs 8,000KRW per extra hour.




ZIP Housing has given service to more than 20 nationalities and gotten great reviews from our customers.

Check out the great reviews on their Facebook :)










Helping foreigners from the start to the end for housing problems.

Foreigners multi housing support start up company, ZIP Housing. Find your house today!


Location : Seoul-si > All Area

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Reviewed Jun 08, 2016 by canad

Jenny was my guide. She was so helpful and awesome !!!!!!
  • Jun, 2016
  • 30 minutes
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Reviewed Jul 27, 2016 by

パラメータの設定を行っていたのは運用を委託された運用支援業者だったが、作業を行ったのは打ち上げ前の作業者とは別人で、今回が初めてだった。ここで2つの致命的ミスが起きる。 シャネル 406
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経典でCalibre 13R0とCalibre 1315ムーブメントの基礎の上に、ブランパン改善技術、再び自主開発して生産した2種類の高級ムーブメント:めいカレンダーやパワーリザーブ機能のCalibre 13R5、めい月相損益表示と完備カレンダーのCalibre 66R9や、結合したはずみ車の回転機構とグリニッジ陀時間表示機能のCalibre 5025。また、Calibre 1315ムーブメントの「改訂版」、新しいムーブメントを備えCalibre 5215はGMTと5日動力貯蔵機能。スーパーコピーブランドそしてこの何項の革新ムーブメント、それぞれで時計をL-Evolutionシリーズの最終の落ち着き先。 シャネル ファンデーションブラシ
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【新品】バッグ、財布、靴、帽子、アパレル、ベルト、その他小物 シャネル グッチ エルメス ロレックス ROLEX VUITTON エルメス 財布 メンズ スーパーコピー
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ブランドコピー, スーパーブランドコピー 当店はスーパーコピー ブランドスーパーコピー ブランド 商品専門ネットショップで、 私達は長年の実体商店の販売経験を持って、 あなたのために品質最上の ブランドスーパーコピー時計 ブランドスーパーコピー時計 ブランドスーパーコピーバッグ ブランドスーパーコピーバッグ ブランドスーパーコピー財布 ブランドスーパーコピー財布工場の生産技術は熟練しています シャネル iphone 4s ケース おしゃれ
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ブランドコピー品が激安販売中 ブランドコピー品老舗はいろいろブランドコピー品が激安販売中... 商品の品質の高さと値段の安さが保証できます。 どうぞご安心くださいませ。 1.不良品物情況、無償で交換します。 2.税関没収する商品は再度無料で発送します。 3.通販しますご注文を期待しています。 ウブロブランド激安市場
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特恵中-新作入荷! 当社の商品は絶対の自信が御座います 迅速、確実にお客様の手元にお届け致します 実物写真、付属品を完備しております。 低価格を提供すると共に、品質を絶対保証しております ご注文を期待しています ブランドコピー
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ZIP Housing is Housing Consultant, helping foreigners to find the right room based on your dreaming life. Let us know your expecting life style in here. We will provide customized housing consult > READ MORE
ZIP Housing is Housing Consultant, helping foreigners to find the right room based on your dreaming life.

Let us know your expecting life style in here. We will provide customized housing consulting services. Translation, advice and negotiation in professional, friendly and fun way. > Less more
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