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Mar 30, 2016






One of the charming part of Korea that attract tourists is fast, convenient, cheap food delivery.


Just with a call, yes, it's just right out the door!


However for non-Korean speakers, this seeming to be simple and easy thing becomes a challenge.

For foreigners, ordering Chinese for your dinner or Chiken for Chimac at your bed isn't an option even for a worn out day, you might have to get up and go out to find your food because of the language barrier.

Even if you speak a little bit of Korean, still communication is harder over the phone. Well, nowadays there are many new web-based Food delivery companies like Yogiyo and Baedaltong, but still it's hard to find English menus and explanations.




   So, here we are!


  Bird Riders Seoul




Our aim is to provide a bi-lingual, fast, easy-to-use food delivery service to the hungry people of Seoul.

By partnering with the best restaurants throughout the city, we deliver a wide variety of cuisines directly to your door.



Then, how do you use it? It's easypeasy!



Just follow the steps :

1. Choose Address (We are currently offering services in Yongsan&Mapo area)

2. Choose Restaurant

3. Choose your menu

4. Confirm Order

5. Wait and then eat!!!


The delivery fee defers by the restaurants. It ranges from free to 6,000won(It may go up to 20,000 for some regions), pretty affordable for this convenience!

It's probably better than paying for the transportation fare and time going back and forth!

Let's try one as an example :)




Ummm for today's dinner, doesn't this look tempting?

W've recently just added Lobster Bar to our list.

When you choose Lobster Bar at the second step, you will see this :




When I added Maine Style Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder Fries,

I got the total amount for my order including the delivery fee, which was free for this restaurant.



After typing in the address and choosing the method of payment, your order is finished!

All you have to do now is sit back and wait for the delicacies to be delivered to your door!

We have great seletion of restaurants from food chains to hidden gems in Itaewon and Hongdae areas as our partners, and choices are various even for people with speacial diets such as vegetarians, vegans, and Muslims for halal food.

New restaurants are continously added and we are trying to provide our service all around Seoul in near future.

Why don't you try Bird Riders today at your house?!









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We are Bird Riders Seoul! We deliver int'l cuisine to the hungry people of Seoul. We're a quick, reliable, easy to use, bi-lingual food delivery service. Our goal is to provide an English-fri > READ MORE
We are Bird Riders Seoul!

We deliver int'l cuisine to the hungry people of Seoul. We're a quick, reliable, easy to use, bi-lingual food delivery service.

Our goal is to provide an English-friendly, food delivery service between restaurants in Seoul, and their customers. The service we provide allows people to place food orders online or over the telephone in both English and Korean. By removing the language hurdles we allow busy customers to dine at their favorite restaurants from the comfort of their living rooms and workplaces. In addition to delivering food from our partner restaurants, our customers can also request that our drivers stop by the store to bring them soda, ice, cigarettes, etc.; we will add a 20% delivery fee for all items purchased at stores (i.e. store total = 10,000 KRW, delivery total = 12,000 KRW). If you do not order food, normal delivery fees will apply. > Less more
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