SMTOWN@coexartium, a MUST-VISIT for Kpop fans!

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Mar 29, 2016









The newest and the most amazing way to meet celebrities!


The first and a one-of-a-kind
entertainment space, SMTOWN@coexartium!


The greatest experience you will ever have,
offered only by Asia's No.1 S.M. Entertainment. SMTOWN


Contents never seen elsewhere, a brand new experience, a fantasy dreamt by all.
S.M. proudly presents the newest and the most amazing story.




For travelers coming to Korea for a K-pop filled trip, this place just cannot be missed. After its grand opening on January 15, 2015, since then it's been a favorite spot for overseas Kpop fans and all tourists.


SMTOWN@coexartium is a complex which offers a variety of SM-related contents and exhibits, including holographic performances, MD shops selling artist goods for souvenirs.

Also this place is conveniently located at the very centre of Gangnam, which every single tourist passes by, as a part of Coex Mall which includes a shopping mall, aquarium, cinema, hotels, convention centers, exhibition halls, a department store, duty free shop, and even an airport; Simply, there is everything you can imagine.



Even those of you who are not much interested in K-pop, this is a place where you can get an idea of what K-pop culture has become so popular, so why not check it out?

Also when it rains, so it messes up your itinerary, this place can be a solution. Under the roof, you don’t need to get your feet wet for a whole day.

All day long might not be enough to explore it all. SMTOWN@coexartium itself is divided into sections by floors, Sum, SM town studio, LiVErary café, and theatre. What’s more? It’s one place you have the best chance to bump into one of the celebrities in the SM entertainment! When you visit here, you will notice the K-pop fans waiting outdoor for their favorite celebrities, and maybe you will want to join the line with some hope!




Floor Guide






The SUM Celebrity shop has three main products - the Artists shop, Artists Souvenirs, and the
Artists Pick. The Artists shop is where you can buy fashion items that reflect the unique personality
of the SM Entertainment family. On the other hand, if you want to purchase merchandise (artists
pillow, stationery, tumblers, etc) of your favorite SM artists' bias, you can get it from their
Artists souvenirs corner. Finally, the Artists pick - from the word itself are items -  such as bags
and other accessories - personally chosen by SM Artists themselves.








At the third floor you can avail services that will help you become just like your favorite star through
the programs that they offer - dance training, hair and make-up, pictorials, and even an MV shooting!
According to their website this is a space that offers real artists experience, with the help of professional staffs.

To visit, reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance through call <STUDIO consultations: 02-6002-5820>

Apply for an experience program NOW!







"It was hard to decide whether I should have SHINee’s Dessert or EXO’s Dessert.
But seeing JONGHYUN standing beside the jukebox next to me, I have decided to have SHINee’s Dessert!"


Here is a space filled with goodies for your stomach and your ears. This liverary cafe is a room
where you can enjoy a sweet and drinks named after SM Entertainment stars. Also, you can sit
on signed tables and chairs while listening to SM Town music through the Jukebox.

How can you resist SNSD popsicles and sweeeet EXO cakes? YUM!

Give into temptation, enjoy the SWEET experience with your favorite stars!




The SM TOWN theater is probably the highlight of your tour at the SMTOWN @ COEX Artium. 
These floors are used as theaters for the musicals and past concerts that are shown using
the new technology - HOLOGRAM! Yes, it will definitely feel like you are in a real concert.

Apart from the theaters - 'realistic' photo booths where you can take pictures beside your favorite
artists, hand printting galleries, and other activities are also available at the fifth floor. On the other
hand, if you are not satisfied with just plain photo paper, go up to the 6th floor and have yourself
3D painted with your SM Artist bias.




To find out the current show, click HERE!







Year round : Subject to change.




Road ViewLocation

Address : 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Location : Seoul-si > Gangnam-gu


Enter millennium square through the path connected to
exits 5 and 6 of Samseong Station line 2

Get off at Trade Center bus station (in front of SMTOWN@coexartium)
143, 2413, 4419, 9407, 9414, 9507, 9607, Gangnam 08
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