Strawberry feast in Seoul this spring! : 2016 Strawberry Buffets

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Mar 28, 2016





Strawberry feast in Seoul this spring! : 2016 Strawberry Buffets


During spring, from as early as January to as late as May, almost all the hotels in Seoul have their version of strawberry buffets. For Seoulites, it’s a regular event every spring, and people get ready for welcoming spring by getting a reservation at one of the spots. More often than not, reservations are full one month in advance. The popularity adds up each year and new hotels join in the competition to serve the BEST, ENDLESS strawberry paradise!


It has been added to MUST-Do lists for tourist visiting Korea in spring.


Strawberry Cream Mont Blanc, choux and eclairs filled with strawberry cream, Strawberry cream red velvet cupcake, focaccia with dried strawberries, and strawberry brioches made with artisan French chocolate. Classic French Frasier sponge cream cake, sugar-soaked strawberry compote, Italian panna cotta, strawberry flambé, strawberries dipped in fondue from a pink chocolate fountain, strawberry marshmallow, macaroon, crispy strawberry pie, moist strawberry pudding, strawberry whipped cream cake, strawberry custard, strawberry cheesecake, cocktail made of strawberries, tonic and gin and even strawberry pizza. Just everything you can name and think of will be there.


There are also choices for non-sweet-tooth guests, a large selection of dishes made from strawberries such as sandwiches, pasta, couscous, pizza, tarts and cakes can be enjoyed without limits.


Simply, the diversity of strawberry desserts and creative menus of strawberry dishes are endless, and the freshness and quality of strawberries is totally guaranteed.


Why don’t you join this savory experience this year? Enjoy a little luxury for this seasonal event of Seoulites.

Relish every spoonful of bites, and taste of FRESH SPRING in KOREA!






Sheraton Grande Walkerhill


Location : 광진구 워커힐로 177 Sheraton Grande Walkerhill hotel 1st floor Lobby Rounge 'The Pavillion'

Period : 2.13~5.1 (every Fri, Sat, Sun)

Friday : 1st(5:30PM~7:30PM) / 2nd(8:00PM~10:00PM)

Sat, Sunday : 1st(12PM~2PM) / 2nd(2:30PM~4:30PM) / 3rd(5PM~7PM)

Price :

Contact : 02-455-5000



Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel

“All About Strawberry”

Location : 구로구 경인로 662 쉐라톤 서울 디큐브시티호텔 41st floor Lobby Rounge

Period : ~4.30 (every Fri, Sat, Sun)

1st(12:30PM~2:30PM) / 2nd(3PM~5PM) / 3rd(5:30PM~7:30PM)

Price : 42,000WON

Contact : 02-2211-2000




“Strawberry Collection”

Location : 강남구 테헤란로 521 Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas mall 1st floor Lobby Rounge & Bar

Period : ~4.30(every Sat, Sun)

1st(12 PM~2:30PM) / 2nd(3PM~5:30PM)

Price : 45,000WON

Contact : 02-559-7603



InterContinental Seoul COEX

“Strawberry Collection”

Location : 강남구 봉은사로 524 InterContinental Seoul Coex 30st floor Sky Rounge

Period : ~4.24(every Sat, Sun) / 3PM~5PM

Price : 55,000WON

Contact : 02-3430-8640



JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul

“Salon de Strawberry”

Location : 종로구 청계천로 279 JW 메리어트 동대문 스퀘어 서울 '더 라운지'

Period : 12.24~3.31 / 2PM~5PM

Price : 38,000WON

Contact : 02-2276-3336



The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

“Berry More”

Location : 강남구 봉은사로 120 The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

Period : 1.9~5.1(every Sat, Sun)

1st(12PM~2:30PM) / 2nd(3PM~5:30PM)

Price : 53,000WON

Contact : 02-3451-8271




Location : Seoul-si > All Area
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