A New Seoul Bike Rental System
"따릉이(Dring Dring)&quo

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Mar 24, 2016




Introducing a New Seoul Bike Rental System "따릉이(Dring Dring)"




A steadily growing number of cities around the world are eager to become environmental friendly for sustainable development, and are more concerned with health of their citizens. Urban bicycle program can be a solution for all, protecting both urban greens to create sustainable cities and well-being of the community members. It is said that cycling and walking are the most environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable of all transport modes. Walking is easy, and it's for everyone, but cycling doen't come handy despite its many benefits.


For this idea to be installed into the cities, the back wall must be considered. What makes it hard to ride a bike is firstly it’s hard to carry it around. You cannot drop your bike at random places and there is also the danger of theft. Sometimes you might want to ride it to somewhere and come back by a public transport instead of riding it back. Bike can be quite troublesome and inconvenient method of transit for city commuters. Moreover for travelers just visiting the city and exchange students staying only for a semester, it seems unreasonable to afford a bike for the short stay.


Last year Seoul has also launched a city bike system following the example of Barcelona’s Bicing, to become a healthy city of bikes.


Seoul Bike, ‘따릉이’ in Korean(an onomatopoeia for bike; “Dring Dring) is an un-manned rental system which can be used anywhere, anytime by anyone. There are not many rental stations yet but Seoul plans to expand the system gradually throughout the city. Rental stations can be found generally near areas with high foot traffic, including subway entrances/exits, bus stations, residential complexes, public offices, schools, and banks.

The plan is to install a bike rental station every 500m around the city within this year. By the end of Febrary almost 4million Seoulers have signed up for the membership and during last 4 months there were about 15 million bike rentals. Seoul is currently working on enlarging the bike roads maintenance of the system for this spring.




Product information


Category Seasonal voucher One-day voucher (member) One-day voucher (non-member)
Products 7-day voucher:3,000KRW
30-day voucher:5,000KRW
180-day voucher:15,000KRW
3650-day voucher:30,000KRW
One-day voucher : 1,000KRW One-day voucher : 1,000KRW
Payment Mobile phone, credit card, mobile T-Money Mobile phone, credit card, mobile T-Money Mobile phone, credit card,
Additional fees Additional charge of KRW 1,000 for every 30 minutes over an hour Additional charge of KRW 1,000 for every 30 minutes over an hour Additional charge of KRW 1,000 for every 30 minutes over an hour
Hours of usage

Base rental time: 60(minutes)
Maximum rental time: 240(minutes)
Additional charges will arise if the bicycle is not returned within the base rental time (60 minutes). Failure to pay charges will result in suspension of services.
After the maximum rental time, the bicycle will be considered to have been stolen or lost.



Payment Information

Seoul Bike accepts credit cards, mobile phone payments, and mobile T-Money. (foreigner's T-Money Mpass is also accepted)



Purchase by members

Members can purchase various vouchers, such as seasonal vouchers, one-day vouchers, and group vouchers, for personal use or as a gift.
Seoul Bike accepts various payment methods both on its website and smart phone app.

Step 01. Select voucher

Select a voucher to purchase for personal use or as a gift. (Seasonal voucher, One-day voucher, Group voucher, Seasonal gift voucher, One-day gift voucher)

Step 02. Select payment method

Select a payment method: mobile phone number, credit card, or mobile T-Money.

Step 03. Payment

Proceed with payment using the payment window.

Step 04. Purchase complete

Seoul Bike services can be used immediately following the purchase of a voucher.

*Purchase details may be checked on My Page. Please contact 1599-0120 for inquiries regarding payment.



Purchase by non-members

Non-members can purchase one-day vouchers through the website and smart phone using mobile phones and credit cards.

Step 01. Select day voucher

Select One-day voucher.

Step 02. Payment

Select a payment method: mobile phone or credit card.

Step 03. Purchase complete

Seoul Bike services can be used immediately following the purchase of a voucher.



Payment of additional charges

Additional charges may only be paid with a credit card or mobile phone.
  • *The credit card or mobile phone number used when purchasing a voucher is automatically registered as the payment method for additional charges (if they arise). This can be modified in the registration of payment method for additional charges on My Page.
  • *Any defaults on payment of additional charges will restrict future bike rentals.

Step 01. Registration of payment method for additional charges

Go to "My Page > Register payment method for additional charges" to register an automatic payment method: mobile phone number or credit card.

Step 02. Incurrence of additional charges

Additional charges may arise due to reasons such as a delay in returning the bike.

Step 03. Automatic payment

Payment of additional charges will be automatically made using the registered payment method.

Step 04. Payment complete

Payment of additional charges is complete.





Procedures of Use

Step 01. Membership registration

Any person who is over the age of 15 may apply for regular membership.
Join now

Step 02. Purchase of voucher

A variety of vouchers are available for purchase.
Go to "Voucher Information"

Step 03-1. Card registration

Register a membership card for easy access to services.
Go to "Card Registration Information"

Step 03-2. Smart phone app

Download the Ttareungyi app.
(Search for "Ttareungyi(따릉이)" in the app store)

Step 04. Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental can be completed using your smart phone app.
Please refer to "Renting a bike" for more information.

Step 05. Bike return

You can return the bike to a nearby rental station after using it.
Please refer to "Returning a bike" for more information.



Renting a Bike

Step 01. Visit a rental station

Visit a Seoul Bike rental station.

Step 02. Press the "Home" button

Press the "Home" button on the terminal of the bike you want to rent.

Step 03. Card tagging

Tag the registered card to the bike terminal.

Step 04. Enter personal rental code

Follow the instructions and enter your personal rental code.

Step 05. Unlock

Follow the recorded instructions and unlock the bike from the docking station.

Step 06. Rental complete

Your bike rental is complete.



Returning a Bike

You can return the bike by connecting it to the docking station or to another bike.

Locking the bike will automatically complete its return.



To know more about Seoul Bike and how to use, please visit SEOUL BIKE 



When there is a problem, you can report a defect by phone or by using the Seoul Bike app.
Seoul Bike promise to do our best to resolve matters quickly to improve your Seoul Bike experience.






Location : Seoul-si > All Area

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Reviewed Jun 08, 2016 by canad

Helped me a lot :)
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Seoul Bike is an un-manned rental system which can be used anywhere, anytime by anyone. Seoul Bike was designed to resolve issues of traffic congestion, air pollution, and high oil prices in Seoul, an > READ MORE
Seoul Bike is an un-manned rental system which can be used anywhere, anytime by anyone. Seoul Bike was designed to resolve issues of traffic congestion, air pollution, and high oil prices in Seoul, and to build a healthier society and enhance the quality of life of Seoul citizens.
> Less more