The Europe of Seoul.

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Nov 03, 2015

Garosu-gil translates to the "tree-lined street," and this is true, you'll see it upon arrival as it's picturesquely lined with Gingko Trees.



It is known as an upscale area, and a popular hangout for young women that love the street's decorated cafes, trendy designer boutiques, European wine bars, and international restaurants.



Life is a little slower here in Garosu-gil with it's quaint stores and bohemian like atmosphere. Shopping is considerably more leisurely than a trip to underground shopping centers or the busy markets of Seoul. Visitors love that it's a sunny modern promenade in the grey city.



The street has roots that have made it what it is today, back in the 1980s, it's streets were occupied by artists' galleries and small shops. Interior design shops and more modern style shops proliferated and by the late 1990s and early 2000s, many designers, stylists, and artists who had studied abroad set up shop and perhaps they built the reputation of the street having a more european or western flair. Some claim that the street's culture resembles the streets of Soho, New York.



I have to say in recent years, garosu-gil has become increasingly more gentrified to become like the main broadway trip of Soho as large name brands have swiped up space on it's main promenade.



This, increasing popularity (and bankability) on Garosu-gil's streets have only lead business to burst out to winding backstreets which is where you'll find more local businesses as well as hidden gems in dessert cafes, bakeries, ice cream parlours, more and more boutiques and bars and restaurants.



Many couples and groups of friends spend a lazy weekend afternoon wandering the streets or enjoying a coffee at an open air cafe until sunset.



As garosu-gil's reputation as a fashion promenade, you'll find everything here. International brands are found on the main street including: Forever 21, H&M, Zara. Massimo Duti, Hollister, as well as local offerings: Aland, 8ight Seconds, and MCM.



The streets tend to fill up on weekends, and me and many locals prefer visiting on a quieter weekday evening.


Location : Seoul-si > All Area


Sinsa Station (Exit 8)

Walk straight and you'll see people walking into the opening of Garosu-gil on the left.

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