The Glowing Islands

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Oct 30, 2015

Sebitseom, is a relatively recently built building complex on the Banpo side of the Hangang River.



They scenically float and are located right by the city favorite, the Banpo Rainbow fountain bridge.



I believe that new buildings, like these are Seoul's effort to impress the world (like e.g. Singapore,
Dubai) with their architecture, infrastructure and technology as these buildings have been built to
actually float on water.



It's a bit confusing as these three multi-purpose buildings each have a different name, Gavit, Chavit,
and Yevit.


But we'll start with Gavit.



Gavit is the largest building of the three and it's architecture represents a flower in full bloom.



As well as being the largest, the Gavit building has the most facilities. Gavit includes an Italian
restaurant: Ola!,
a branch of the CNN Cafe, a convention hall, the Vista Pub, and a goodwill store.


Ola! is a fine dining destination and prices will set you back. A main dish pasta ranges around
23,000 won. The atmosphere of the restaurant and these islands in general are serene and
romantic, making it an excellent (and unique) trip for a date on the Hangang River.


Click here to check out Ola's Menu


With the Vista Pub on the 3rd floor, visitors have a more overlooking view of the Hangang River.
This restaurant serves more casual food such as brunch and bar food, and also boasts a full bar
menu. I checked it out and they have an amazing range of beers too!


Click here to check out Vista's Menu


Chavit is the second largest, rounded building.



On Chavit's first floor is a restaurant entirely dedicated to high-quality lobster! Lobster rolls are
23,000 won.


Click here to check out Chevit Lobster's menu


For those who want buffet dining, their high-end buffet restaurant that offers a whopping 160
different food items is called Chavit Cuisine.


For prices and more info click here


Chavit also has shopping! The Goodwill store, if you're unfamiliar with the organization,
proceeds are donated to charity. They also have a branch of the chain store "beautiful store."
They sell donated items, mainly clothing, and proceeds also go to charity.




Solvit is the third island. Solvit serves primarily as an event hall that hosts exhibitions, performances,
and lectures.



But Solvit uniquely offers are outdoor gardens! On both 1st and 2nd floors.

What they call Yevit is on the far side and serves as a performance area on water. Performances,
cultural events, and screenings can be shown through the large LED screen that if you see, has
panels and they can move!


But overall, I have to say,

I think the coolest thing that these islands offer is definitely what they call the Tubester.


Check. it. out.



These great little tube boats fit up to 6 people and the engine is quiet, so you can enjoy yourself.
Also the umbrella above provides shade!



To rent one of these boats:

40 minutes on this little tube will be 30,000 won

60 minutes costs 42,000 won.

Business Hours for the Tubester rentals:

Mon-Thu 13:00 ~ 23:00
Fri 13:00 ~ 24:00
Sat/Holiday 10:00 ~ 24:00
Sun 10:00 ~ 23:00


A great reason to check these Sevitseom islands out, although the trip will be a bit out of the way,
it's location by the Banpo bridge and the Banpo Hangang Park make it an excellent time for some downtime.


A weekend afternoon having a beer on the terrace of Vista pub, overlooking the river, then going
down to the park and then tubester?


A night time chill session, having a cocktail and watching the Banpo Bridge rainbow fountain show?
(You can watch the show from the second floor of Chavit, directly!)



Those who visit the islands say if you can, you should go at night because obviously, these
buildings light up and are a sight for sore eyes. Make sure you catch the fountain show at Banpo
bridge, while you're there! (Click here for the times that the Banpo bridge have their fountain shows!)




Address : 650-1 Banpo 2(i)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Location : Seoul-si > All Area


Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7, 9), Exit 8-1.
About a 15 min walk.

Take the 740 or 405 bus and get off at Hangang Banpo Park stop.
The three glowing islands that brighten up Hangang River.
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Opening Hours: Everyday 10am - 11pm

Tel: +82-1566-3433

Address: 650-1 Banpo 2(i)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea