Gangnam's #1 Club:
Club Octagon

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Oct 13, 2015

Futuristic, sophisticated, if there is one club that represent's the successes of Seoul's modern
culture it's Club Octagon.


They hold the proud title of ranking 6th in the 2015 DJ Mag World Top 100 Clubs, a huge feat that
they'll mention again & again when they have the chance, but even I as an introduction start with that
fact. The title has confirmed Seoul's rising position in world nightlife as a party capital, sitting
amonst Ibiza, Brazil, and Las Vegas in the rankings.



With all my research & experience with the club, it's clear there are concrete factors to it's winnings
over the years, during a time when many other large scale electronic clubs in Gangnam, to the
shock of the city, closed down.


What Club Octagon has made sure to deliver to clubbers every weekend is quality. It's all in the
details. Firstly, a large influence on the ranking was probably that their electronic music is delivered
through a state of the art, custom built, Funktion-one Dance Stack ver.4 sound system, possibly the
highest quality in the nation, fancy huh.


This with their giant LED screen's have made it the destination for the top international DJ's to play
when they're in the nation. Hardcore fans of DJ's who have visited Korea over the years for events
like Ultra Music Festival, or Global Gathering will see that after these music festivals, their DJ has a
set at Octagon. Just this summer, after Ultra Korea, with our bracelet it was free entrance to a
number of clubs. Me and many others probably chose Octagon, for the DJ's.


The design of the interior has also been concocted with great care. The architects behind the space
made sure to use the octagonal form in fixtures all around the club. And get this, they set guidelines
of only using 45, 90, 135 degree angles throughout the entire space.


See how many you can spot below:



Their minimally industrial features of exposed steel beams give off the underground vibe of clubs
in Europe modeled and transformed from warehouses and factories. Having been constructed in
2011, I have to say this concept was highly progressive for Korea's taste, as now this has become
a trend with newer businesses intentionally exposing concrete and steel. (I've seen it at Common
, Kunsthalle, Brick Yard, Secret Society.)


Their bar menu, yes is too pricy, but behind the counter are gourmet chefs and cocktail masters.
But what do you expect, this place is world class, so leave your flip flops, shorts, training pants at
home because you won't be allowed in.



My personal favorite place to be at Octagon is their hip-hop room, me and everyone else who feels
the same, wishes it was larger but there is an intimate vibe as soon as you enter this deeper, more
soulful room. And at peak hours, they hire an MC to get you going and connect with.!prettyPhoto


I also enjoy that there's a clear elevator right at the center of the club for easy access of each level
and another fun feature is the outside scene where right up the street there's a busy ministop open
all night with groups chugging soju and smoking away on the plastic outdoor table.
Gotta love Korea.


An interesting venture the club has recently made, is a new joint club called Club Base. Located
under the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel they're delivering something different on Friday and Saturday
nights. What's great is it's free entrance to Club Base with your Octagon bracelet and vice versa.
If they've paid a level of attention near to what went into Octagon it'll be worth checking out.



Although Octagon isn't my choice for a night out (Gangnam's club culture of bottles, tables, models, businessmen), it's popularity is undeniable/unstoppable and for other's like me, we'll probably end up there at some point as it's the platform between the world's greatest DJ's and us here in Seoul.


To keep up with all their events click here for their schedule!


Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10pm - 6am.

Dining & Bar: Mon-Thu: 6pm - 2am / Fri-Sat: 6pm-10pm
Lounge: Mon-Thu 6pm-4am / Fri-Sat 6pm-6am
Club: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10pm-6am


Club Entrance Fees:

Thursdays - KRW 10,000 (+coupon)

Fridays & Saturdays -

KRW 10,000 (+coupon) before 11PM,

KRW 30,000 (+coupon) after 12AM,

KRW 10,000 (+coupon) after 4AM


Address : 서울시 강남구 논현동 152. 뉴힐탑호텔 B1/B2

Location : Seoul-si > All Area


Hakdong Station (Line 7, exit 4)

Walk straight about 2 blocks until you see New Hilltop Hotel. It’s located in the basement.
Club Octagon is ranked 6th in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll in 2015.
Club Octagon is ranked 6th in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll in 2015. > Less more
Additional Information
B1/B2 NewHilltopHotel, 152 Nonhyeon-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
서울시 강남구 논현동 152. 뉴힐탑호텔 B1/B2

Tel: +82 (2) 516 8847 / +82 10 9031 0808