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Oct 13, 2015

If the name didn't give it away, Club GRID specializes in electronic music and it's part of the hottest
neighborhood day or night that is Busan's Seomyeon district. The district also know for it's thriving
nightlife hosts many of the biggest names in Busan clubs and I'll vouch that a trip to Busan wouldn't
be complete with a night at GRID.



Korea & Asia is known for its mega clubs, and grid is a prime example. This place is huge, even
with the huge crowds that the club attracts every night, there's so much space and thank god.



There's alot of good things I can say about GRID but the best part I compare to everywhere else I've
been, is the layout. GRID is one giant playground made up of a harmonized web of different levels
and pockets
filled with tables for serious drinking and socializing. And like I said they're all
connected in such a harmonious way, they all come together perfectly to get a great view of the
main stage and dance floor.



The second best props I give it is the stage technology. I don't usually care about technicality of
these mega clubs we're blessed with in Korea, but after a night here I understood what they were
boasting about. Club Grid holds a high-tech sound and lighting system that's 6400yd2 and it's the
biggest in the country. They have a stage and VJ team that hypnotize you with the massive screen in
graphics. It's truly mesmerizing and my eyes were fixed like this all night O.O


This is what I mean:



It makes sense that big names in the worldwide DJ arena make sure they play here when they visit
the city. Just two weekends ago, one my favorite DJ's Skrillex, as part of his 2015 Asia/India tour
played his set at Grid, and it was the only night he played in Korea.



My last trip to Busan, me and a friend, determined not to go home after becoming increasingly
bored and frustrated at a Haeundae club, took the trip to Seomyeon and grid saved the night at 3am.
Even if you're not a fan of electronic clubs like me, I'd definitely ditch a small hip-hop club to rage at
grid again.


Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10pm - 6am.


Main genre's of Music: Electro, House, Progressive, Mainstream.


Dress code: Leave your slippers and jogging suits at home, they won't let you in.


Entrance Fees:


- Ladies: Free!

- Men: Before 11pm: Free. After 11pm: 10,000 won.


- Ladies: Before 11pm: Free. After 11pm: 10,000 won

- Men: Before 11pm: 10,000. After 11pm: 20,000 won


Address: Busan, Jin-gu, Bujeon Dong 534-2

(in Korean) 부산광역시 부산진구 부전동 서면로 10 클럽 그리드 (KMJ빌딩)


Address : 부산광역시 부산진구 부전동 서면로 10 클럽 그리드 (KMJ빌딩)

Location : Busan-si > All Area


Seomyeon Station, Exit 1.
Walk straight out and take the 4th right street.
Two blocks straight, you'll see party goers outside Club Grid.
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10pm to 6am.
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10pm to 6am. > Less more
Additional Information
+82 10 4046-9886