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Brooklyn the Burger Joint

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Oct 05, 2015

Brooklyn the Burger Joint has been around for a few years, as the original American burger joint in
Seoul that had lines forming outside it's Sorae Maeul branch at peak hours.


But no burger joint has dared to be as classically American as a 24 hours diner, until now...


This is exactly what the new Garosu-Gil branch of Brooklyn the Burger Joint has brought to Seoul,
true to the nostalgia of original 50's glamour.


The whole place is newly decked out in retro booths, napkin holders, the works. They even have a
kool-aid dispenser! (2,500 won) And the childhood favorite, milo. (3,500 won).


The fun doesn't stop with their beverage menu also offers root beer (4,000 won), root beer floats
(6,500), Pepsi Vodka floats (8,000)


The menu has gotten an upgrade from it's other branches with added burgers:

- Fantastic 4: four 60g patties, double American cheese
- Lamburger: 170g lamb patty, cumin mayo, romaine and sliced onion


and sides:

- jalapeño poppers (stuffed with cream cheese and cheddar cheese)
- bacon cheese fries
- onion rings
- corn dogs
- hot wings
- corn salad w/Fritos 
- chili cup w/Fritos


Their star item, is crazy looking cheese skirt burger. And for those who aren't familiar with their
burgers, they grind their own meat daily! You have a choice of making your patty 5oz or 7oz, smashed
or hand formed, and you can also choose to what degree you want it cooked. Without specifying,
patties are cooked to medium well.


Another unique burger is their C.R.E.A.M. burger (Cheddar rules everything around meat), which is a
burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, and horseradish mayo.


Their milkshake brings all the boys to the.. diner as their milkshake menu has a whopping 58
different variations, ranging from 5,500 - 9,500 won.

Try their most loved nutella with burnt marshmallow shake.


For those who aren't really a fan of milkshakes, like moi, you'll find other sweet desserts to challenge
your full stomach.

This monstrosity is called a frozen smore. It's a burnt marshmallow with ice cream inside that you
now know you need. (5,800 won)


And for those who still thought they could skip dessert, they have their own FRZ ice cream booth.


For nightlife workers and lovers, residents of sinsa-song, and for anyone out late, the
new garosu-gil branch is the destination for great burgers in Seoul available late, and really at any
time at all.


Address: 540-11, Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.

Tel: 02-545-0718

Location : Seoul-si > All Area


Sinsa Station (line 3) exit 8.

Walk straight and take the fourth road on the left (Garosugil).
Walk a block down Garosugil and take the first right, walk one more block and take the first left.
Brooklyn the Burger Joint will be on your right.
American burgers, brooklyn lager, fries, shakes.
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Branch Information
Mokdong Hyundae Dept. Store:
양천구 목동동로 257 (현대목동점), Mok 1 dong, Seoul

Apgujeong Galleria Dept Store:
강남구 압구정로 343

Sorae Maeul:
Tue–Sun: 11:30 AM–9:30 PM
서초구 동광로43길 51-13
Banpo 4 dong, 156-070

강남구 도산대로15길 12

Samseong (Near COEX):
Tue–Sun: 11:30 AM–9:30 PM
강남구 봉은사로84길 10 (삼성점)
Samseong 1 dong, 135-878