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Sugar Daddy

Category : Dessert
Sep 25, 2015

There’s nothing that tastes more like home than fresh out of the oven, warm and rich classic
American desserts
. Sweet potato or red bean bread could never do it for me. I need icing, I want
butter! I could have tried to kill these cravings on my own with American cake mixes you can buy
here, but no oven! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


There’s many bakeries on the streets now, many walking distance from my place, but still there’s no
one place I could depend on to indulge in a classic red velvet cupcake, or some banana bread like I
could back home.


But after some searching, I found my answer, all I needed was a sugar daddy.




Haha it’s the name of the bakery and you’ll find it, no surprise in Itaewon.


Interestingly enough, the bakery is owned by the wife of Sam Hammington (celebrity comedian). One
of his businesses, the fantastic Brick Yard bar, you’ll find is on the above floor of the building.


At Sugar daddy you'll find cupcakes for 5,000 won and large slices of cakes (6,500). Large enough
to share! or not.




Yes, the prices might put you off. I agree that 5,000 a cupcake is a lot, especially because I’d
probably need to order two, three if i'm feeling extra beast.


But the other day, I was craving Tiramisu. I looked everywhere during my precious hour lunch break
and the only place I could find it near my office was at Starbucks. They swiped my card, it took 4,500
won from my account. I brought it back to the office, excited to have a moment of sweetness mid-day,
had half of the thing and threw it away. I had about 3 minutes with it in total. It was so awful that every
forced bite filled me with dread. I was only eating it because it was a waste. It's not ok that Starbucks
can get away with selling this crap.


So I’ll say, to avoid situations like this and get your money’s worth. I’ll pay for real bakers to make
desserts from scratch because in the end these desserts are the ones that will satisfy.


Sugar daddy has a homey feel and serves homemade and baked in house cakes, pies, muffins,
and cupcakes.




This place has developed a following for those that crave American style dessert, that taste like they
do back home. For example, they have American buttercream! It turns out many of the ingredients
used here are bought at foreign markets or online. You’ll even find pop tarts and American cereal
for sale.




They have some crazy flavors like the maple bacon cupcake which is a cinnamon cupcake with
pieces of bacon in the batter. On top there’s icing with a sexy piece of bacon.





They have a root beer cupcake, snickers, nutella, mint chocolate, carrot cake, pumpkin spice,
lemon, and more!






They have red velvet of course, the reason why I came. Apple pie and Key lime pie, another
American favorite you’ll find here as well.




Their cakes also have a huge fun variety including Peppermint, Red Velvet, Lemon, Oreo, Pumpkin,
Tim Tam, Banana,
Banana chocolate and moree


Oreo cake!




Banana Cake!




Banana Cake with Ice Cream




Red Velvet




Lemon Curd, droooooool.




For all those in need of some good ol' American style loving, Itaewon's sugar daddy aims to
please ;)

While you're here, there's actually a quirky little bar called Brick Yard that's one floor up in the same
building (3F) with a killer rooftop. Check out the view and let the good times roll!


Address : 이태원동 118-5 2층, Seoul, South Korea 140-863

Location : Seoul-si > All Area


Itaewon station (line 6) and come out of exit 1.

Walk straight until you reach the third alleyway on the right.
Walk straight past the CU and Belgrade up the hill until you reach a black and grey new building on the left just opposite the car park.

You will see a sign outside, follow the path around then take the lift or stairs to the second floor.
For all your baked goods wants, needs and desires. All the goodness is made from scratch.
For all your baked goods wants, needs and desires. All the goodness is made from scratch. > Less more
Additional Information
Mon-Sun: 10:00 am-10:00 pm

이태원동 118-5 2층, Seoul, South Korea 140-863

02 749 0723