Step Up Your Coffee Game:
Nitro Coffee in Korea

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Sep 24, 2015

While you were waking up, pouring yourself your regular coffee, and oblivious to the world's
innovations, a movement in coffee brewing called 'cold brew coffee' was taking the world by storm.
It's unclear if caffeine loving Korea truly yet embraced the movement because it never really caught
on with the mainstream crowd, or at least I hardly saw it at the ridiculously infinite number of cafes
you'll find in Seoul.


Cold brew coffee, is coffee brewed with room temperature or cold water for 12-24 hours.


It seems this is all happening again because the newest and most exciting world trend in coffee
had already been brought to Korea and you probably didn't even know about it.


The new brew to know is called Nitro coffee, and it's new version of cold brew coffee that takes it a
step further. The Nitro refers to nitrogen which is infused into the brew.


This coffee is then pressurized, stored in a keg, and poured from a tap, just like a beer. This
process makes the coffee creamier and you’ll see bubbles rise to the top and create a foam head.
The texture and look of the finished product is similar to a guiness beer.


The difference in taste is supposed to be the best part. With regularly brewed coffee which uses
boiling water, this is what causes the bitterness, acidity, and fat.


Nitro coffee eliminates all this. Yes it eliminates the calories! And your silky iced coffee will be left
with the natural nutty and chocolaty flavor of the beans. Without the bitterness, nitro coffee is also
sweeter and those who are users of milk and sugar will find it's not even necessary.


In Korea, Bruworks is the company that made nitro coffee possible and it's the same people who
brought you craftworks, the craft beer empire. Their nitro coffee has future plans to expand in range
and you'll find it currently selling at select shops for 5,000 - 6,000 won.


Here's an updated list!


Seoul area:

Mango Six in Apgujeong

“Ohkoos” in Apgujeong

James Stone Cafe in Apgujeong

Snowman Cafe in Gangnam

CrossFit Sentinal IFC in Yeouido

CrossFit 106 – Sorae Village

“Burger Guru 72” in Soraemaeul

Maloney’s Pub & Grill in Gyeongnidan
“Heaven for a G” in Gyeongridan

“Craftworks Namsan” in Gyeongridan
“Bull and Barrel” in Itaewon

“Fat Cat” in Haebangchon

8 Division Clothiers in Namsan-dong, Seoul

“Walkabout” on Namsan (near Animation Museum)
“Craftworks Downtown” Pine Ave. Bldg., Euljiro 3-ga
“Duke’s” at the Korean War Memorial (near Samgakji Stn.)
Over the Dish in Hongdae
“Brew 3.15” near Insa-dong
“180 Coffee Roasters” in Bundang
“Cafe DeMano” in Pangyo


Outside Seoul:

“Brunch Bazar” in Songdo, Incheon

“Mansooya Nolja” in Incheon

“Galmegi’s Gwangan Taphouse” in Busan

“Miles Coffee” in Busan

“La Grima” in Daegu

“Café 려” in Bucheon

Coffee Cup Story in Kunsan City

Whasoo Brewery Tasting Room in Ulsan

“The First Alleyway” in Gwangju
“Synopsis Cafe” in Gwangju
“Coffee Koala” in Jeju New City, Jeju-do

Dennis Cafe in Jeju City


My usual coffee order switched this year from an ice latte to an ice americano. Although my taste
has grown fond of the bitterness that comes with an ice americano, when I feel tempted for a
second caffeine boost for the day, everything in me says no to a second ice americano. The
heavyness of the milk now puts me me off ordering ice lattes and for those who feel the same, nitro
coffee has filled this gap.


It will be exciting to see the progress of this trend here in Korea and when it does take off, we
shouldn't be too far from seeing packaged nitro coffee brews like they have already in the states.

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Brüworks was founded by people who are passionate about their drinks! Having helped pioneer the craft beer movement in Korea, we started wondering why coffee couldn't be more exciting too. That's wher > READ MORE
Brüworks was founded by people who are passionate about their drinks! Having helped pioneer the craft beer movement in Korea, we started wondering why coffee couldn't be more exciting too. That's where our adventure started. Working with experts who are as passionate about coffee as we are, we've been able to create a refreshing craft coffee with the unique rich flavors and appeal of craft beer. > Less more