Korean Folk Village

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Sep 10, 2015

If you're a drama-junkie like me or just a historical buff, you might have thought about what its like to live in a certain period - say, Joseon Dynasty! Well, it's about time to make that dream come true. By relocating real houses from different parts of the country, the Korean Folk Village was able to create an environment similar to the Joseon Period. Apart from the old Korean structures, outdoor exhibitions such as traditional methods of various livelihood activities and other seasonal customs are continuously presented in this area. The best part is, you can participate in these activities.


The map below shows the various facilities and activities you can find at the Korean Folk Village.




Welcome to Korean Folk Village!


Upon entering this cultural theme park, you will be greeted by a Korean traditional totem pole meant to protect villages called Jang-seung (장승). You would also notice how being surrounded by green trees adds to the atmosphere of a healthy ecological past. Along the way, you will pass several items that you've probably seen in Korean movies. The most familiar one for you would likely be this pile of rocks called dol mudeogi 돌 무더기 where you add another rock on top and not ruin it to be able to make a wish!




As you go further, you will start admiring the classical grace of Korean traditional houses one by one. If you look closely and observe every material displayed, you'd immediately learn techniques of how ancient Korea battles with seasonal changes and managed their daily life. 




Moving forward, you will be enjoying various spectacular shows at the Performance Arena. You'd be amazed to see Koreans doing acrobatics while riding on a moving horse! They call it the Magi or Masangjae - a fancy horseback riding skill using Martial Arts!  They also perform the traditional Farmer's Music and Dance to pray for a good harvest. Another must-see at the arena is the Acrobatics of tightrope - where one man entertains the audience through storytelling, singing, and dancing while he is on the thin tightrope! Finally, what every girls would swoon about - to witness a very colorful Traditional Korean Wedding.




Next to the Performance Arena is the Experience Site where everyone can engage in several cultural activities. Here, visitors like you can experience fully a Korean Folk Village's way of life. Through Folk Games, Craft Workshop experience, Traditional crafts and other activities tailored to suit the season and festive holidays that the Korean society observe - you would definitely think that you were transported to a different timeline! How about making fans? Experiencing how the government punishes people? Yes, they have something like a torture chamber for you to enjoy! If you want a more adventurous activity (if the torturing seems lame to you), hop on for a horseback riding! You'd surely find an activity or two that would suit your personality and style and to enjoy your trip here in the Korean Folk Village.




Another interesting part of the village, and probably the most crowded place, is the Historical Drama & Movies Filming Location! Yes, the astounding beauty you see in those movies and dramas such as Jewel in the Palace (2003), The Kind and I (2007), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), Dongyi (2010), the Moon that embraces the Sun (2012), Masquerade (2012), The Face Reader (2013) and many more --- all of these were shot inside the Korean Folk Village! You might get lucky to visit the park while a film is on shoot - you could become an extra cast!




Finally, if you're not the type who could appreciate culture and history - don't worry, they have the place for you! The Korean Folk Village has opened a new attraction - the Amusement Facilities Zone. Here you can enjoy many rides such as the Bounce spin, Crazy raft, Drop n' twist, and a horror place called the Korean Folk Village's legendary hometown. 



Operating Hours


KFV provides flexible open hours by season and weather.
Play facilities may be used 30 minutes into the open hours.
Access to play facilities may be restricted by user height.
Allowed pet dogs must have a height of maximum 30cm and come with a leash and a dog
waste bag.


Admission Fee 


Minimum 20 persons are required to be eligible for group rate.
Free pass is available no later than 2 p.m.
With an hour or less remaining to the closing hour, all visitors are eligible to group rate.
Museum and art museum can be closed, while the open period for the sled slope varies
with seasons.
Some experience programs are paid.


How to get there 





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Address : 90 Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

Location : Gyeonggi-do > Yongin-si
Korean Folk Village is a Traditional Cultural Theme park created to promote authentic Korean culture through life-size replica of old Korean villages and continuous display and management of various K > READ MORE
Korean Folk Village is a Traditional Cultural Theme park created to promote authentic Korean culture through life-size replica of old Korean villages and continuous display and management of various Korean activities.

Happy coexistence with pleasant tradition! > Less more
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