Ulleung-do -
The Mysterious Island

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Sep 08, 2015

Coined as the "Mysterious Island" - Ulleungdo is an island 3 hours away from Mukho or Pohang
Port. It is an island created from a series of volcanic eruptions. The main activities in the island is
fishing; however, these days, it is trying to catch up with the tourism hype that former visitors
created for this place. In the middle of the island is the Seonginbong, which is basically the highest
peak of that area. 




What makes this island special is that still very few foreigners are aware that this paradise exist.
Also, this island exudes an aura of isolation which is perfect for those who wants to experience
or immersed themselves in a real or should I say, traditional Korean lifestyle.


As mentioned above, since the place isn't that developed for tourism - most foreigners find it
hard to roam around the area or even get into the place. Other bloggers have advised that
you must at least learn how to read Hangeul to be able to survive in this island.


Now, that sounded like an adventure now, doesn't it?


Things to do:




» Take a boat tour around the Island. The Ulleungdo Cruise Ship Assoc. runs a 2-hour tour.
(T: 054 791-4468; 25,000 won). Grab the boat at New Ulleung Port, 10 mins by bus from Dodong.


» Camp in the Nari Basin. Bring your own gear!


» Best hiking in Korea. Check out the 5-hour hike from the Nari Basin,
up to Seonginbong Peak, and down to Dodong.


» Fish. Some port provides rent for fishing rods.


» Ride the cable car to Manghyangbong Peak. On a clear day you can see
okdo from the observatory. Scuba diving in Ulleungdo is said to be good although
there are strong currents in the area.


How to get there?



"You can reach Ulleungdo by ferry from two different ports.
The closest to Seoul is in Mukho and takes about 3 hours one way (T: 033 531-5891; 49,000 won one way).
Further south is the ferry terminal in Pohang, which also takes 3 hours (T: 054 242-5111;
57,300 won one way)."


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Address : 236, Taeha-gil, Ulleung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Location : Gyeongsangbuk-do > All Area
Mysterious island 3 hours away from Mukho or Pohang Island.
Mysterious island 3 hours away from Mukho or Pohang Island. > Less more
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