Mr. Toilet House

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Sep 08, 2015



Haewooso is a Korean term for temple toilet – and this is what the Mr. Toilet House museum is trying
to offer to its visitors – a house that could satisfy anxiety. To celebrate the birth of the World Toilet
Association (yes – there is such thing!), Sim Jae-duck – who wished to be called Mr. Toilet destroyed
his house and build a building which looked exactly like a toilet bowl. The design was made by
architect Go Gi-woong on March 2007; however, the building ​itself was completed 7 months later.


Outside the Toilet house itself is a garden which exhibits the different kinds of Korean toilet
throughout several generations. Also, there are statues of children and men scattered around the area
which looked like they are struggling to poo.




The existence of Mr. Toilet house is a reflection of Sim Jae-duck’s belief and philosophy in the toilet’s
importance to humankind. This philosophy was about

How toilets protect the human race from diseases and how convenient restrooms enhance
our respect for each other.


After the death of Mr. Toilet, the whole house was donated to Suwon in 2009, was remodeled
and became open freely for the public on 2010. Now, the Mr. Toilet House is recognized as
the country’s first and largest (toilet) structure.


More than just a house or a museum, this place offers a variety of activities to educate people
how shit is created, where is it from, what are good shit and bad shit, and other shitty stuff! 
It might sound dirty, but this place really sounds interesting and educational!




Somehow, the place seemed tailored for kids as playgrounds and other (shitty - and i mean,
the real shit) educational spaces are available in this building. Also, This place have special
programs such as storytelling and book reading for kids every week/month. For more 
details about this, please check their homepage.


How to get there


1. Take the Seoul Subway Train Line number 1 and get off at Seongkyunkwan University Station.
2. Once you arrived, you may take bus 5, 36, 63, 64, 65, 92, 98, 99, 310, 410-1, 990


Operating Hours
10AM to 6PM (Closes 5PM from November to February)


No Admission Fee


Address : Gyeonggi-do, Suwon, Jangan-gu, Jangan-ro Imok-dong 186-3

Location : Gyeonggi-do > Suwon-si

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Korea's first and largest (toilet) structure. Mr. Toilet-Museum aims to educate people about the importance of poo and how our body can be healthy by knowing more on hygiene.
Korea's first and largest (toilet) structure. Mr. Toilet-Museum aims to educate people about the importance of poo and how our body can be healthy by knowing more on hygiene. > Less more
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